Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Started Therapy For FIRST Time Ever After Show -- Here's Why!

Love Is Blind‘s Chelsea Blackwell rushed to a therapist’s office after appearing on the show! And after how much s**t she went through, we’re not surprised!

During a Q&A with fans via her Instagram Story on Sunday, the Netflix personality revealed she “absolutely” sought mental health support when filming wrapped — and it changed her life for the better! Responding to a fan’s question, she shared:

“Absolutely. The show was very accommodating on helping me not only find a therapist but cover the fees. I’ve never seeked a therapist before but man oh man, I feel everyone could benefit from having a unbiased opinion.”

Wow! Considering the LIB crew has come under fire for allegedly mistreating their former stars, it’s good to know they were supporting Chelsea in this endeavor! As they should!

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As for the flight attendant’s experience with her therapist, she said it has opened her up to a whole new kind of self-love, adding:

“I never thought I ‘needed’ therapy but I had a ton of inner issues I needed to debunk and my life, my mindset, my heart has completely changed. I thought I loved myself before but I have never felt THIS kind of love.”

Honestly? EVERYONE needs therapy these days. Our world is full of stressors!

But for Chelsea specifically, now that she has the whole world’s attention on her — giving her grief for bringing up dopplegangers on a show called Love Is Blind, saying people told her she looks like Megan Fox, for example — we hope she’s leaning on her therapist more than ever! So important to have support!

As for what else may have sent her to see a shrink, the dating series hasn’t been shy to highlight all the insecurities she battled. In the latest batch of episodes, she and her fiancé Jimmy Presnell got into a HEATED argument. He perceived her to be too “clingy,” and she felt like he wasn’t showing her enough affection. It got so complicated, it wound up ending with him dissing their sex life! (He later denied that was his intent.)

And NOW the drama has continued off-screen as BOTH Jimmy and her pod ex Trevor Sova were accused of having girlfriends while filming (though Jimmy has denied the claims). It’s been messy to say the least. And that’s only what’s been made public! Addressing her storyline, she told fans:

“Soooooooo much hasn’t been shown. I knew that would be the case. There’s a ton of footage and they created our story line they saw fit. Was I emotional and insecure? Absolutely. But my feelings were valid and I wish that was included more. But that’s show biz baby.”

That said, she’s not letting it get her down, stressing:

“The woman I am today has come very far from the woman on the show and I’m very proud of my growth.”

So good to hear! See her catch-up with fans (below):

(c) Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

Whether or not she said “I do,” it sounds like the event planner at least found more love for herself after the pods! Better than nothing. Also, therapy is life-changing, so cheers to that!

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