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Love Is Blind's Jimmy Defends THAT Sex Diss About Fiancée Chelsea!

Love Is Blind’s Jimmy Defends His Sex Comment About Chelsea

Jimmy Presnell is clapping back after getting hate for making some super shady comments about his sex life!

During the new season of Love is Blind, Jimmy and his fiancée Chelsea Blackwell got into a heated AF conversation after she claimed he wasn’t being affectionate enough, such as by supposedly not saying “I love you” or kissing her throughout the day. He was super irritated and ultimately called her “clingy” for it. And that’s something she didn’t take lightly!

Through tears, the so-called Megan Fox lookalike cried:

“I do not ever want to be with someone who says I’m too clingy, especially someone who put a f**king ring on my finger. I cooked you dinner, I stayed by myself, then I sat and watched your f**king show with you. And you say I’m too clingy? And then went upstairs and had sex with you.”

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The reality star then dropped the bomb, hitting back with:

“Well, if you’re going to bring up the sex, you’re the one that wanted to have sex. I also maybe wanted a little breather from that, too.”


If he really wasn’t feeling it, he shouldn’t have gone through with the NSFW behavior! Just saying!

Innerestingly, Jimmy seems to understand all the hate surrounding the diss — but he’s still defending himself! In a new interview with E! News out on Sunday, the Netflix personality explained:

“I just thought that she was throwing in my face, like, ‘We had this day where you didn’t love me and then you went upstairs and had sex with me.’ I felt that was extremely disrespectful for her to say, because she was the one that initiated.”

And while the 28-year-old knows he f**ked up with his wording, he doesn’t regret saying it:

“There was 1,000 ways I could have said that better, but I felt like I was being attacked a lot of that time.”

After navigating so many of Chelsea’s insecurities on the show, Jimmy was proud to have stood up for himself during the difficult moment, adding:

“I was just playing defense a lot and, in hindsight, I’m seeing how much she was picking fights with me. … It’s not fun to watch, and it kind of makes me mad at myself for not just speaking my truth to her a little bit more. I was playing a whole lot of defense trying to get her to believe me.”

Even though he knows his potential wife “means well,” he still feels frustrated now watching how he was “hanging on so tight to someone who doesn’t believe I love them.” Oof. That doesn’t bode well for their future…

See his full reasoning for these harsh comments (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think these two will make it down the aisle after this? And does this explanation make up for what he said? Sound OFF (below)!

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