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Love Is Blind's Jimmy Accused Of Having A Girlfriend While Filming -- But He's Hitting Back HARD!

Love Is Blind’s Jimmy HITS BACK At Claims He Had Girlfriend While Filming!!

Yet ANOTHER male Love Is Blind contestant allegedly lying about his relationship status?! Sigh

One of this season’s most controversial stars, Jimmy Presnell, is clapping back after a woman on TikTok claimed they were dating while he was filming the show!

In a video posted last Friday, TikToker Ryann Stringfellow claimed she turned on the new season of the Netflix reality series only to discover her unnamed beau was on there dating other women when she thought he’d been on a “business trip.” While she never named anyone, she did say they were talking to a “stunning” woman “who had a child” — AKA Jessica Vestal, one of Jimmy’s love interests. So, naturally, most viewers suspected she was talking about Chelsea Blackwell‘s husband-to-be.

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See all her allegations (below):


I cant imagine why he feels the need to explore his options when the universe meant for us to he together ???? #loveisblindseason6 #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind

♬ original sound – Ryann Stringfellow ♛


But now days after the video went viral, Jimmy is shutting down the rumors! In a response on Tuesday, he not only insisted he was single while on LIB, but that he doesn’t even know this woman!! He shared:

“I don’t know this woman. I never met this woman. It’s not true. I gotta give it to her, it’s an incredible marketing ploy. She is getting so many clicks and she’s making so much money off my name, it is insane. She doesn’t say it’s me, but she’s definitely insinuating it’s your boy.”

While the 28-year-old wasn’t going to address the claim at first, he had “so many people” send the TikTok to him, and with it gaining so many views, he felt he had no choice! He added:

“I think she’s running at about 16 million [views] right now, which is absolutely insane to me, and bizarre that it’s getting that much traction, so I wanted to come on here and tell everybody it’s not true.”

He also begged fans to report the video while reminding his haters that “there’s two sides to every story.” Oh, and he teased in the caption:

“She was never my Megan Fox

LOLz! Check it out (below):


#stitch with @Ryann Stringfellow ♛ she was never my megan fox #meganfox #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6 #lib #netflix #loveisblind

♬ original sound – jimmypresnell

But that’s not all!

In a sassy response, Ryann filmed herself listening to her so-called BF’s reaction while eating chips and guac. Truly unbothered. Hah! In the caption, she noted:

“Two sides to every story…right?”


#duet with @jimmypresnell #Stitch Two sides to every story…right?

♬ original sound – jimmypresnell

But for what it’s worth, she has yet to provide ANY proof of their rumored romance! So, she totally could just be messing with fans. We need those receipts!!

Thoughts, y’all?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Netflix]

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