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Love Is Blind's Chelsea Reacts After Rumors TREVOR Had A Girlfriend While Filming, Too!

Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Reacts After Rumors Ex Trevor Had A Girlfriend While Filming!

ANOTHER Love Is Blind contestant had a girlfriend while filming?? SMH.

Trevor Sova has now come under fire after it was revealed he supposedly had a girlfriend while on the reality dating series — and they were so committed, he had NO intention of ever actually marrying anyone he met on the show. WTF?

If you haven’t been following this season, Chelsea Blackwell was dating two men in the pods: Trevor and Jimmy Presnell, to whom she ultimately got engaged. But things were pretty serious with both of the relationships. It was a close call, and it even looked like she was going to get a proposal from both men. But Jimmy got to the punch first, and the rest is history. But, as it turns out Trevor was actually NEVER serious about an engagement — because he was secretly seeing someone else!

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According to @therealityashley late last week, Trevor was dating Natalia Marrero up until about two weeks ago. They’d just started getting close when the casting department reached out to him about being on the show. Trevor decided to go ahead with it, but also stayed in the relationship — telling Natalia he had NO plans to tie the knot.

In texts shared by the Instagram account, Trevor reportedly told Natalia he’d met another contestant on the flight before filming began and they both admitted they weren’t really in it for love. Then after his time on the show, Trevor texted his partner again to share he’d made a (fake AF) connection with Chelsea and gifted her his dog’s collar as his “item” during a date (because his dog had the same name). He also admitted to cheating the system, saying he had “to pretend that this wasn’t real life to say anything I said,” knowing he had a girl waiting for him at home. Damn. Ch-ch-ch-check it out (below):

Based on the texts, it appears they broke up earlier this month, though it’s unclear why. But here’s what’s really shocking. After seeing these rumors surface, Chelsea actually reacted to the drama — and she’s totally letting Trevor off the hook! Wait, WHAT?!

Yes, you read that right. In an IG Q&A, the flight attendant was asked her thoughts on her ex (who hasn’t addressed the controversy), and instead of blasting him for lying to her in the pods, she was actually totally chill about it, sharing on Sunday:

“Y’all we have to understand… we are humans. We have all made mistakes. Our lives went incredibly public very fast. All we can do is have grace. It’s a very unfortunate situation. But I wouldn’t wish this amount of hate on anyone. Remember to be kind.”

Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Reacts After Rumors Ex Trevor Had A Girlfriend While Filming!
(c) Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

Whoa. She doesn’t sound hurt at all! Maybe it helps that she didn’t pick him, but still. We’d be so angry over this!

FWIW, Trevor is just another name on a long list of contestants who reportedly kept secrets in the pods! Of course, Chelsea’s fiancé Jimmy was slammed in a TikTok where his alleged girlfriend claimed she’d only found out he cheated while watching the show! He’s denied the allegations and insists he doesn’t even know the woman. Hmm.

As for Jeramey Lutinski, on the other hand, his ex came forward claiming he’d been engaged and living with her while applying for the show. He clapped back, insisting everyone on the cast and crew knew about his engagement, but that he had been separated and no longer living with his ex for several weeks, including when he was approached about casting. Still, it’s very messy!

THREE guys so far. Can you believe it? More like Casting Is Blind! LOLz!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised Chelsea didn’t seem to care about the girlfriend rumors? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Netflix]

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