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What??? Machine Gun Kelly Recalls Accidentally Stabbing Himself To Impress Megan Fox

machine gun kelly, megan fox : MGK recalls accidentally stabbing himself to impress megan

The things we do for love!

We all know that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are head-over-heels for each other, but did you ever wonder how the rapper won her over in the first place? Sure, there was the whole “I am weed” bit, and the ayahuasca trip, and the whole rock star thing. But apparently, there was no shortage of stunts he would pull to impress her early in the relationship.

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Appearing on The Tonight Show (in a Jennifer’s Body t-shirt), the papercuts artist elaborated on a story that pal Pete Davidson had dished on another episode of the show. The comedian had previously told Jimmy Fallon that his friend (real name Colson Baker) dropped him during Saturday Night Live goodnights because he had a “bruised coccyx.”

Asked how the injury came to be, Colson explained:

“I had a match with Post Malone in a beer pong game.”

According to MGK, he was already a bit tipsy before the match began. Apparently, they decided to film the competitors coming out as if it was “a Rocky, boxing match” situation. Trying to be impressive for the cameras, the musician decided to slide down a staircase railing. Unfortunately, the railing had “a giant spike” which “rammed” his poor coccyx.

He tried to play off the injury, but his troubles weren’t even over for the evening… and that’s where the actress comes in. He revealed:

“This was also right when I started to date Megan. It was a bad night. I won the beer pong match. I went home. Travis [Barker] got me this… he got me a knife that… had an engravement (sic) from the new album on it. And I was like, ‘Ah, check this out. This is sick.’ And I threw it up, and it stuck in my hand.”

Showing off his scar, the 31-year-old mimed the violent accident, admitting:

“You know how you throw it up, and you’re supposed to catch it? I looked at her, and I was like, ‘Check this out.’ … And then the next morning as soon as she left, I was like, ‘Yo, I need stitches real quick.’ … I’ve got a bruised coccyx and a knife in my hand.”

All this to say… his many injuries meant Colson “didn’t have strength” when it came time to lift Pete up during the SNL goodnights. He joked that the duo had to do a last-minute pratfall because the comedy show didn’t “do a sketch with us.”

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While the pop punk prince may have dropped Pete, his failed knife stunt seemingly went down a lot better. After all, he’s still with Megan today (despite the fact that, in his own words, he tends to “run everyone away that loves me”). She seems like she enjoys a bit of danger, TBH!

Elsewhere in the episode, the duo played a game of “Auto-Tune Up.” Ch-ch-check it out below:

[Image via NBC/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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