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Mary Kay Letourneau Wants To Get Her Name Taken OFF Sex Offender Register!

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The world has had a renewal of interest with this couple lately.
Mary Kay Letourneau and her former student/current husband Vili Fualaau joined Barbara Walters for an intriguing interview on 20/20 this past Friday, and the three talked about A LOT of topics relating to how they got together and what’s been happening with them since.
But the most interesting part of the interview for us was when Mary Kay revealed a gripe she had and how she wants it resolved!
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The mother of two children with Vili talked about she’s still a registered sex offender, and how she wants to get her name off that list.
She said:

“Recently I said, ‘It’s been 10 years, why don’t I lift that?’ There’s a process, there’s a form, you take it to court and then they grant it if it looks like it should be granted.”

And the fact that her name is on the list does provide her with some difficulties a lot of the times as she couldn’t even see her daughter when she was sick in the hospital because of a ban on her name.
Which understandably sucks but really this woman brought all of this on herself once she slept with her student when he so young all those years ago.
We definitely understand why she’s on the sex offender list in the first place though and it’s kind of a known fact that once you’re a sex offender you’re always a sex offender!
That’s just the way it is.
Get more information by checking out a clip from the interview (below) !!!

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[Image via ABC.]

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Apr 11, 2015 15:17pm PDT