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The Real Reason Meghan King & Hubby Split After Just 2 Months??

meghan king, cuffe owens : real reason for their split

We were all shocked when Meghan King revealed that she and Cuffe Owens had broken up on Instagram — but apparently, that kind of constant IG posting was part of the problem.

The couple had only been married for two months (and hadn’t been dating for very long before that) when the split was announced. So what happened?! Well, they got to know each other a little better, apparently.

According to a close friend, Cuffe realized too late that he could NOT handle Meghan’s influencer lifestyle.

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The insider told

“Cuffe is a very private person and I don’t think he fully understood the dynamics of marrying someone who is the complete opposite when it comes to being in the spotlight. Meghan is all about sharing her life on social media, something Cuffe was okay with at the beginning, but when reality set in he realized he couldn’t live his life that way.”

They added:

“Cuffe didn’t want their relationship under the microscope 24/7. It’s just not him. He values his privacy too much, unlike Meghan who comes with her entourage of a million followers.”

Umm… seriously?! If he was so vigilant about protecting his privacy, he should not have married a REALITY STAR. Let alone one he only knew for a few weeks! It’s not like the Real Housewives alum was hiding her social media presence. It’s literally public information!

But according to his loose-lipped pal (so much for privacy, huh?), the 42-year-old was aware of his wife’s social media habits, he “just didn’t comprehend the implications this meant for his life.” They explained:

“Cuffe never expected her to quit social media, he knows it’s Meghan’s livelihood. Had they slowed down a bit, I think the marriage would never have happened in the first place. It was an exciting, whirlwind romance.”

The fact that he got into a relationship with a public figure and didn’t attempt to know and understand her lifestyle before getting married is a serious error in judgment. Sure, maybe Meghan should have “slowed down” too, but it seems like she left it all on the table and he’s the one who couldn’t handle it. We mean, there are kids involved in this situation. He should NOT have said “I do” if he wasn’t ready to commit to the whole package.

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The source claimed there wasn’t any particular post that drove Cuffe away, but rather it was his wife’s “entire lifestyle of constantly documenting everything.” However, they did cite a specific example:

“It wasn’t until they were married that Cuffe realized their relationship would become another subset of topics to discuss with her followers, like when she asked them for marriage advice.”

Wow. A pretty innocuous post (that he wasn’t even in) about their two month anniversary and asking followers for “marriage tips” drove him over the edge? SMH.

The insider went on:

“It came to a point where Cuffe didn’t know what was going to be made public and what wasn’t going to be made public. He couldn’t live that way, it made him feel on guard. Imagine living that way for the rest of your life. He never wanted to be a celebrity and didn’t understand that marrying a celebrity pretty much throws you in the limelight whether you like it or not, and then add the fact that your uncle is the President of the United States.”

Poor little President’s nephew. Never mind the fact that he’s a grown ass man and could easily have avoided this whole situation! The source concluded:

“Look at Meghan’s past relationships, every detail played out in public.”

Maybe so, but he knew that going into the relationship!!! And whose fault is all the publicity now, really??? The heartbroken momma of three or the flaky dude who bolted after two months and apparently has friends who will blab to the press about it?

Anyway, we hope Meghan is doing okay, but based on this info we do think she’s MUCH better off without him. Keeping her in our thoughts.

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Meghan King/Instagram]

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