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Meghan Markle Angry & Insulted Over Possibility Of Prince Harry Attending King Charles' Coronation Without Her: REPORT

Meghan Markle Angry & Insulted Over Prince Harry Considering Attending King Charles' Coronation Without Her!

Uh oh. Looks like Meghan Markle isn’t too happy about Prince Harry potentially attending King Charles‘ coronation alone…

As we’ve been reporting, the entire world has been pretty much up in arms trying to figure out whether the Duke of Sussex is going to attend his father’s coronation in May — and while he’s been considering it, he’s got some conditions. A source spoke to The Mirror on Wednesday and said if Harry is going to go all the way back to the UK, he wants to meet up with his dad and his brother, Prince William, first. He needs “proof” it’s going to be different than the past!

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The Invictus Games founder isn’t going to let this go like he’s done before — and he’s making that clear! If he does end up agreeing to go to the coronation, though, where does that leave Meghan? Well, sources for Radar Online say it would leave her at home with the kids!


According to palace insiders, Meghan and Harry have been having quite the tiff over whether the 38-year-old is going to cross the pond all by himself. The sources say he’s seriously considering it — provided he gets treated like part of the family again and given a good seat. But the former actress doesn’t like the idea at all, apparently! She’s said to be “fuming” and finds it “insulting”:

“Apparently, she finds this proposal insulting and typically manipulative, since it’s forcing Harry to choose between his current family and attending the coronation.”

To make matters worse, the coronation is scheduled for May 6 — the day of their son Archie’s birthday! The 41-year-old mom of two isn’t keen on her hubby missing out on their kid’s party, a second source dished:

“There were planning to have a party for Archie with some of his little friends and their parents, and Meghan wants Harry there to help. How would it look if he bailed on his own son’s birthday? I suspect Meghan will not be happy if Harry takes the bait and attends the coronation!”

An insider for the outlet asserts Harry choosing his other family members over his wife is totally “unacceptable” to Meghan:

“But the royals have their own ideas — and that seems to be a sticking point with Meghan. We’re told she feels strongly that if Harry rolls over now, the palace will keep excluding her from invitation lists! Ultimately, she would prefer to see him stay home. Harry’s choosing THEM over HER — and she finds that totally unacceptable!”

Yeesh. Sounds like things are really heating up between these two!

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