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Does Melania Trump WANT To Be First Lady Again? Sources Say...

Melania Trump Supports Donald First Lady Again

Has Melania Trump changed her tune?

We’d heard the former FLOTUS was done with Donald Trump‘s political career. Not only did she “not want to be in the spotlight” anymore, according to a source close to her spilling to People last month, she also didn’t “sympathize with Donald’s plight” when it came to his arrest. The way this insider read the situation, Melania was still FURIOUS about her husband cheating on her with a porn star all those years ago — so any legal ramifications for the hush money payments, etc, she was not in his corner.

Sounded pretty definitive to us. We even heard Donnie was begging his wife to stand by his side again to make him look good. You know, bring back the “locker room talk” days, remember that?

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Well, according to sources speaking to Page Six on Wednesday night, it’s all been working, and the couple are “closer than ever.” They say Trump is “really beaming next to Melania” lately — and word around Mar-a-Lago is that they’re “more bonded than ever.” One source said:

“Friends say that Melania’s stepping up — while Ivanka and Jared [Kushner] have stepped aside — has made [Trump] more confident than ever.”

Wow, this is all really surprising… though something the source said may have held a clue about why all this sounds so far from where Melanie was at before. The source was quoted as saying:

“Trump says Melania will be by his side during the campaign more than she was last time.”

“Trump says”… Yeah… That’s starting to make a lot more sense. Trump telling people this is happening is still miles away from it actually happening. That man and the truth ain’t exactly the best of friends. We have to wonder if all this “buzz” from Mar-a-Lago is Trump himself trying to spread rumors that make him look better…

And it looks like People‘s source is bolstering that conclusion.

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That outlet reached out to their Melania insider who reiterated that she is still NOT inclined to get right back on that horse — or elephant, as it were. They said:

“Melania knows who her husband is and will stay below the radar on this as she usually does.”

And that’s going to be especially true in the wake of the E. Jean Carroll verdict — in which a jury ruled that Trump did sexually abuse the columnist in the mid ’90s. This was while he was with Marla Maples, not Melania, so it doesn’t illicit the same furor in the former First Lady as the consensual sex with Stormi Daniels does. But it’s still not something she wants to be associated with:

“She rarely speaks out on his scandals. She turns her head the other way and moves on with her life.”

The source does say Melania was NOT in support of E. Jean — and privately is very unhappy about the verdict. The source says the trial result “is embarrassing for her and for her family” — not to mention the $5 million he now owes. What does she have to say about it? Well… nothing.

“It’s easy for her husband to say it was a witch hunt, but Melania will proceed with her life and move on.”

But just like she won’t speak out for Trump, she won’t go against him either. People‘s source says:

“She has a good life and doesn’t want to rock the boat. Her whole family has had a better life thanks to her marriage to Donald.”

Ultimately she “will weather the storm as she has done in the past” per the insider:

“She has a son and his protection is her most important job.”

What does Melania herself have to say? Well, in a recent Fox News interview — before the Carroll verdict — she did say she support Donald’s presidential ambitions:

“My husband achieved tremendous success in his first administration… He has my support, and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength.”

And if she did become First Lady again, her focus “would continue to be creating a safe and nurturing space for children to learn, grow and thrive.” You know, her totally self-aware and not at all hilarious anti-bullying initiative known as Be Best.

A source tells People that much is legit:

“Melania is truly interested in improving the lives of children, and anything she says or does in that capacity is how she really feels.”

But does she actually want to be First Lady again? No. The source explains:

“But a life in the political public eye is not what she wants. It has turned out to be part of the whole situation she married into.”

That certainly seems to fit with what we heard before and after the 2016 election, when inside sources said she was furious after learning Trump had won the electoral college. And in 2020 when she reportedly was “relieved” he’d lost.

What do YOU think, Perezcious pundits? Does Melania want to be First Lady again? Did she ever??

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