Michael Jackson Will Be Happy!


This is great news for Wacko!

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they are closer to creating “artificial noses.”

The team has found a way to mass-produce smell receptors in a laboratory!

They say that these artificial noses can be strong enough to even replace dogs that sniff for explosives and drugs.

And, as a benefit, the noses will have numerous medical advantages, such as being able to identify diseases that have distinct odors, such as diabetes and lung, bladder and skin cancers.

Who even knew those things had odors?

According to the associate director of MIT’s Center for Biomedical Engineering, Shuguang Zhang, “Smell is perhaps one of the oldest and most primitive senses, but nobody really understands how it works. It still remains a tantalizing enigma.”

MIT scientist Brian Cook says, “The main barrier to studying smell is that we haven’t been able to make enough receptors.”

So the MIT RealNose project is trying to recreate the most complex sense, in which humans have 400 functional receptor genes, and dogs and mice have around 1,000 functional olfactory receptor genes.

Cook adds, “Now, it’s finally available as a raw material for people to utilize, and should enable many new studies into smell research.”

Maybe they can invent one that attaches to your face and help Jackson out!

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Oct 1, 2008 1:00pm PDT

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