Nicki Minaj Cancels ANOTHER European Show At The Last Minute — Mad Fans Chant ‘Cardi B’ In Response!

France and Nicki Minaj are totally fighting right now!

OK, maybe not, like, ALL of France, but fans in the city of Bordeaux are PISSED at her after the superstar rapper was forced to cancel ANOTHER European concert night due to the venue in Bordeaux apparently not having enough electricity power on hand to pull off her elaborate show. (As you’ll remember, this exact thing already happened on her European tour a few weeks ago, though that venue has argued the cancellation was Minaj’s fault.)

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Nicki came out on stage late last night in the French city — just minutes before the show was supposed to start, again — and broke the bad news to fans that the show had to be canceled at the last minute. And fans did NOT react well to it, initially booing her pretty loudly as she walked off stage, and later even having a sub-set of fans start a ‘Cardi B!’ chant that quickly took hold in a large part of the venue!

Oh nooo…..

Ch-ch-check out the aftermath caught on video, moments after the cancellation itself (below):


Definitely not the best time to be Nicki! She likely was already well back-stage by the time the chant got loud enough to hear at the venue, so she might have missed it then… but that thing is moving quickly around social media! Awkward…

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Speaking of Nicki herself, the rapper took to Twitter a few hours later to comment on the cancellation and pretty strongly deny that she purposely — or personally — had anything to do with it (below):

“Why would an artist cancel a show & lose money? What for? When they’re already in the building, dressed, etc. The artist is just as mad as the fans when a show can’t go on. I love seeing my fans. Nothing can stop me. B4 the show, juice WRLD & I are just as excited as u guys are.”

That’s not a bad point!!!

And later, the rapper also got on Instagram Live to address the show’s cancellation due to “technical issues,” and how she hoped that she’d be able to make it up to her French fans soon (below):

So there you have it. Straight from Nicki’s mouth to her fans directly!!!

Even so… that Cardi B chant MUST sting at least a little bit, right?!

What’s your gut feeling on this one, Perezcious readers?! Are these cancellations coming because of a lack of electricity at the older venues across Europe? Or does Nicki have her hand in this, for some reason??

Sound OFF in the comments (below)…

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