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NYPD Sergeant Kicked Off Greyhound Bus And Arrested...For Being Too Drunk

We’re sure the NYPD is just LOVING this!
Check out the FAILtastic video (above) of drunken NYPD sergeant Carlos Fabara getting kicked off a Philadelphia Greyhound bus for being too drunk. Oh, and he was arrested as well.
Not only that, but this guy has a history of getting into trouble! In 2006 he received 13 COMPLAINTS against him by civilians! That’s the most for any NYPD cop EVER!
Sounds to us like this guy needs to find a new profession! We would NOT feel safe in New York knowing that he could potentially be walking the streets, armed.
Although we must admit – that security guard should NOT have put his hands on the drunken sergeant! That was a mistake.
What do U think? Should this sergeant get kicked out of the NYPD???

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Jan 02, 2012 22:00pm PDT