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Offset Says He Will Not Take The COVID Vaccine Once It's Available: 'I Don't Trust It'

Offset says he won't be taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Offset is pretty cut and dry with his opinion on this one: as it stands now, he will not be taking the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available to the American public.

The rapper opened up about his opinions and reasons why in a surprisingly nuanced chat with a TMZ photog this weekend. He was spotted out and about on Saturday afternoon in Beverly Hills, and when he got out of his car, the paparazzi came over to chat — and he informed them what was up.

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When asked straight up whether he would get himself vaccinated for the virus, Cardi B‘s partner simply said (below):

“I don’t trust it [the COVID vaccine]. Did you see that little thing online, where their face turns to the side, and all? Yeah. I just don’t want to be the test dummy.”

Now, the “thing online” that he’s talking about have been making the rounds recently, and purportedly shows several of the volunteers who offered to test the vaccine developed by Pfizer a bit early. In very rare cases, some of the vaccine volunteers allegedly developed facial paralysis as one of the side effects, as you can see (below):

Now if those are truly side effects from the vaccine — and not fake news chatter online, which is absolutely rampant nowadays — they are still a VERY rare percentage of the population. Doctors and scientists have repeatedly said that the vast majority of the side effects (if there are any in human user) are mild, flu-like symptoms.

Still, Offset clearly didn’t have much trust in his government to do the right thing when it came to the vaccine, as he told the reporter in his next response when they were chatting:

“Do something to help the black community in real life. Put in some policies to help us. A lot of the government s**t, I don’t be thinking it’s for us. Period.”

He’s not wrong…

And when she pointed out that even Barack Obama had offered to take the vaccine early to prove its efficacy, that didn’t sway the Migos rapper much.

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He spoke about how privilege — regardless of race, in certain instances — is very, very real in this day and age:

“No. In reality, certain people in certain positions get certain things. What’s the name of the politician with that black stuff running down his face? [Rudy Giuliani]. He just said something about having celebrity status with his COVID-19, for treatment. So I think a lot of that happens in real life. If I go to the hospital here, they’re going to admit me fast, and get me in faster than a normal person, which ain’t really fair. So me seeing him do that wouldn’t make me feel, like, I still wouldn’t do it myself.”

Again, he’s not wrong! In fact, he’s hitting the nail right on the head!

And he continued from there, adding in more about he wouldn’t want to use his own celebrity status to jump the line over others who needed it more than he does:

“I wouldn’t want to do that. Other people don’t got what I got. They don’t have that opportunity. So that ain’t fair. People dying from that s**t, you know what I mean? A lot of people. A lot of black people.”

Good guy, Offset!

You can watch his entire interview (below):


BTW, this isn’t some random conspiracy theory put forth by Offset or something. The Centers for Disease Control is well aware that they are going to have to go to great lengths to convince black people (and other groups) to trust the government when it comes to the vaccine.

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Heck, even Dr. Anthony Fauci himself addressed that in a recent interview:

It’s a complex issue, and very real!

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