Oprah Puts A Twitter Hater In Their Place After Rude Tweet!

oprah winfrey tells off twitter user

Hell hath no fury like an Oprah scorned!

Mz. Winfrey took some time out on Monday — the day before her 59th birthday — to call one Twitter user out on a not-so-nice tweet!

On Monday night, OWN aired Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston’s mom and brother and one viewer decided to take to the social networking site to tell O how she REALLY felt!

The user tweeted:

… RUDE! What nerve to even @ her, too!

Well, it seemed Oprah wasn’t one to let this one slide and replied:

Bet the Twitter user was shocked that she even responded!

It seems she tried to make nice with Oprah, by telling her that she just looked less than fab that night, but it was too late!

Guess the Twitterverse will just have to take this as a lesson that Oprah is indeed watching… er, reading!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 31, 2013 9:02pm PDT

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