Penn Badgley Clarifies His Comments About Being ‘Molested’ By ‘Gossip Girl’ Fans!

Penn Badgley wasn’t sharing his #MeToo story when he said he’d “literally been molested” by fans.

The Gossip Girl alum has clarified the comments he made in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, in which he talked about the downside of fame and being on the receiving end of fan obsession.

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In a statement to People on Monday, the 31-year-old said:

“The point of my comment was not to confess a personal trauma. I was speaking about the way emotional and physical boundaries are violated for someone in the public eye, who is seen as an object of desire.”

Badgley went on to say that in the many forms abuse comes in, his was nothing like what victims of “predatory men” have suffered — but, he argued, it all comes from the same place: society, dammit.

The statement continued:

“Depending on so many factors, it can range from conscious abuse to something very unconscious — and that is the point I was making, cautiously, in the context of a conversation about fanaticism and cultural norms which support manipulative or abusive behavior. These are the same norms which support predatory men, but not exclusively predatory men. They affect, and infect, us all.”

Basically, the actor brought it up to tie the conversation into his new Lifetime series You, where he plays a bookstore owner who becomes obsessed with a young woman.

Let’s just all keep our hands to ourselves from now on, mmkay?

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Sep 11, 2018 11:48am PST