Can YOU Sing??? These Folks Can!

Wow. Wow. Wow. This keeps getting bigger and better!

We got soooo many entries for our Adele Someone Like You cover competition! It took us a couple of days to go through them all to decide on the winner and honorable mentions!

There were a lot of really good vocalists. But we were looking for more than just someone who could sing well.

We were looking for someone that brought something special to the table, whether it be a really unique voice just singing acapella or a cool take on the song.

Our winning entry did just that!

Congratulations to Charlie Puth and Emily Luther!

We were BLOWN AWAY by your entry (above)!

Not only was it an excellent choice to reimagine the song as a duet, but they also did an inspired new arrangement too! Such a beautiful arrangement and even more beautiful harmonizing!


But they’re not the only winners in our cover competition! Check out the 2nd place winner and all the very worthy honorable mentions (as well as our thoughts on each)…. after the jump!

And thank you again so very much to everyone who entered! We watched every single submission and appreciate you all!

Keep following your dreams!


Congratulations and thank you to our 2nd place winner, Kim Petras! Such talent! We were very impressed with your arrangement and that you did it yourself!

And we LOVE that you sang your lead vocals live! And you killed it!

Check it out below!

Honorable mention goes out to Sabrina Moldenhauer!

Sometimes all you need is a special voice!

So young! So impressive! We love her tone! We love her dramatic rendition. So effective! So passionate! So nuanced! The stillness! The maturity! Awesome all-around!

Check it out below!

Honorable mention as well goes to Edie Wellman!

She may not quite have a very powerful voice, but she’s definitely got star quality! We love that she is a songwriter and a producer. We love her style. We love her personality. We love her!

Check out the awesome reworked version of Someone Like You that she did below!

Congratulations once again to Catey Shaw! She was also an honorable mention in our Britney cover competition!

We don’t especially love the arrangement and choice of electric guitar for er cover, but we LOVE her quirky voice! There’s something quite hypnotic about it!

Check it out below!

Congratulations and honorable mention to Nirayah. Only 8 years old!!!

And she killed it!!!!

Such a great voice! So young!

And her instrument will only get better with age!

Check out her cover below!

Honorable mention to Dikitanci!

Talk about making a song your own! He COMPLETELY reworked Someone Like You with his very original arrangement!

Check out his charming take on the song below!

And, finally, an honorable mention to Kaitlyn Annnn!

A by the books cover, but boy was it effective! She can saaang!

Check it out below!

Sep 29, 2011 12:20pm PDT