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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Shouldn't Take 'Sole Responsibility' For Feud With Prince William & Princess Catherine, Says Royal Expert!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle ‘Refuse To Take Sole Responsibility’ For Prince William & Princess Catherine Feud!

Another birthday gone without an interaction between the royal family and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! But should they have reached out??

As royal fans probably know, Friday marked Prince William‘s 42nd birthday, but the Sussexes neglected to wish him well on the special day. That snub has caused royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams to call out the Cali residents on the missed opportunity to extend an olive branch. But not everyone thinks it’s *their* “sole responsibility” to make amends! A source is actually defending the Sussexes’ silence!

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Chatting with The Sun, an insider argued that a reconciliation will be up to the entire family — not just Harry and Meg. They argued:

“I must express that this perspective appears somewhat one-sided. For the sake of balanced reporting, it is important to acknowledge that relationships are reciprocal. It would not be entirely fair to place the sole responsibility of mending the relationship on The Duke and Duchess.”


It takes two to tango — and to reconcile! And even if Harry or Meghan DID decide to reach out on William’s birthday — or any day, for that matter — the whole family has proven they’re VERY good at shutting them out when they want! So, an olive branch wouldn’t do much at this point.

But the royal biographer saw the situation quite differently. Speaking to the outlet, Robert expressed hope for future reconciliation, noting that it would be nice for the family to put their differences aside as both Princess Catherine and King Charles III battle cancer. He started with the positive, acknowledging, “Time can heal things. Serious illness can certainly change things.” He elaborated:

“You never know what may happen. I think it’s abundantly clear that any rift is undesirable, and when individuals are ill who are involved in it, it makes it even more undesirable.”

But when questioned if it would be helpful for the Prince of Wales to reach out, Richard dished:

“The problem with any rift is that it leads to deep mutual mistrust. Harry and Meghan were deeply unhappy as senior working members of the royal family. He believed they were due an apology for the way Meghan in particular was treated.”

The royal commentator went on to blame the parents of two for making the feud worse by airing the royal family’s dirty laundry, adding:

“Given that they are not currently attacking the Royal Family and the idea of bridging the rift is in the air, of course this is welcome. However, give a thought to the damage caused by what happened from the interviews they gave in South Africa, on Oprah [Winfrey], on the Netflix documentary and in Spare and the interviews publicising it. Of course William was enraged. They made [Queen Elizabeth II]’s last years very difficult. The King evicted them from Frogmore.”

So, will the family ever get past any of this? It depends! He speculated:

“So far as King Charles is concerned, I think he and William are absolutely one at the moment on how to deal with these Sussexes. The point is how the Sussexes want to deal with the Royal Family. In the weeks and months to come we will see, and we will monitor, because what future have they got? What do they want to do? Is it just Netflix? Does she want to go into politics? All these these questions.”

Hmm. Harry and Meghan certainly didn’t make anything better by publicly opening up about their struggles with The Firm. But these days, Charles and William (even Queen Camilla) seem to be taking a hard stance against the ex-royals, no matter what they do. So, again, ARE they “solely” responsible for this ongoing rift?? Doesn’t seem like it!

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