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Joe Gorga Calls Jennifer Aydin A 'F**king Dirty Bitch' Before RHONJ Drink Throw -- & Bravo Execs Are NOT Happy!

Joe Gorga Calls Jennifer Aydin A 'Dirty B**ch' During RHONJ BravoCon Spat & Bravo Execs Are NOT Happy!

Joe Gorga and Jennifer Aydin had it out hours after a BravoCon 2022 event wrapped! And the network is NOT happy about it!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars got into a verbal tiff in the lobby of a hotel near the Javits Center during Bravo‘s fan-favorite convention in NYC late on Sunday night And in a since-deleted TikTok video, Aydin’s social media assistant laid out what appears to have happened between the two contentious co-stars.

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Erica Madelyn took to the video-sharing app on Monday and explained in a clip how she and Jennifer “decided to go to a BravoCon after-party” following the convention. Jen’s husband, Bill Aydin, apparently chose to stay back at the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel, where the Bravolebrities were all at for the weekend.

At the bash, according to Erica, the RHONJ star “got a cup of water with ice,” which she “always” drinks. However, the women weren’t at the party for long. After about 20 minutes, they returned to their hotel. And that’s when s**t hit the fan!! And water hit the face!!

Erica explained how Jen saw Joe and Melissa Gorga along with “their team” in the lobby, and allegedly tried to walk away:

“It’s when we walked into the hotel lobby that everything went down. We walk in, Jennifer Aydin obviously noticed that Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga and their team were in the lobby. She looked, looked away [and] we went straight for the elevator. There was no interaction on Jen’s part.”

According to the assistant’s since-scrapped video, Melissa allegedly saw Jennifer and called her “a loser, f**king loser wannabe.” In response, Aydin clapped back:

“Shut the f**k up.”

From out of nowhere, 43-year-old Joe jumped in to yell at Aydin and REALLY set things off:

“Shut up you f**king dirty b**ch!”


Who talks to a woman like that?! Who talks to ANYBODY like that?? At that point, Madelyn said, Jennifer felt “threatened enough” to THROW her drink at Joe. As she did it, according to the video, she yelled at him:

“You f**king loser! You get the f**k out of here, you f**king piece of s**t! Don’t even f**king try to test me!”

Before the video cut off, Jennifer could be heard screaming more at both of the Gorgas:

“Stay away! You call me trashy and low class? She started [it]!”

As the video ended, it appeared fellow RHONJ personality Frank Catania — cast member Dolores Catania‘s ex-husband — stepped in to separate the parties. Erica confirmed in the comments that Frank was there to break things up, even though Dolores was not present. Aydin also took to the comments and appeared to confirm Erica’s story with this explanation:

“It was all 3 of them, against 1 of me. He’s lucky it was only water.”


Like we said up top, the video has since been removed from Erica’s TikTok account. She even added a message to her profile’s bio on that site later on Monday, writing:

“I was told to take the video down srry”

LOLz! At least she’s honest!

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HOWEVER! Twitter came through with the receipts! You can watch a re-post of Erica’s video of the tense exchange between Joe, Melissa, and Jennifer (below):


The altercation’s aftermath hasn’t been pretty, either. For one, an insider disputed Erica’s story that Aydin allegedly tried to avoid an altercation with the Gorgas. Speaking to Us Weekly, the source claimed:

“She looked back at her as if she wanted Melissa to acknowledge her. … Melissa said, ‘You’re a loser,’ and then Jen went wild. Joe wasn’t involved until he heard Jen screaming.”

The mag also cited a member of the Gorgas’ team who called Aydin “trashy” and “low class” because of “how she was yelling in the hotel lobby.” And after Frank intervened, he apparently told Jennifer off, too! The insider added:

“No police were involved. Frank intervened and scolded Jennifer and made sure she got in the elevator to her room. The next day Bill [Aydin] said he didn’t want to hear about it.”

Bravo execs aren’t happy about the whole thing, either. They saw the viral video and apparently took everyone involved to task for it. According to the mag, here’s how an insider categorized the aftermath from the network’s perspective:

“Bravo executives spoke with both the Gorgas and Jennifer Aydin after seeing the viral video. They wanted them to know they don’t condone or tolerate this type of interaction and behavior, especially physical. The network isn’t happy with either side. Andy [Cohen] was not involved. He didn’t speak to them.”

That’s not good!

The insider added that the network went to great lengths to keep the contentious sides apart all weekend. They even had two RHONJ panels for separate cast members to avoid a blow-up!! But the after-hours altercation was out of Bravo’s control:

“They did cross paths. Bravo PR did their best at keeping the split sides apart throughout the weekend but what happened outside of BravoCon was out of their control.”


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[Image via Jennifer Aydin/Joe Gorga/Instagram/Erica Madelyn/TikTok]

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