Roseanne Barr Says We Would Be ‘So Lucky’ To Have Donald Trump As President! Read Her Hillary Clinton-Bashing Political Rant!

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Now that Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates to become the Democratic presumptive nominee, it looks like the 2016 presidential race will come down to Clinton versus Donald Trump!

While Hillary is certainly the favored nominee amongst most powerful women in Hollywood, it looks like Trump has a supporter in Roseanne Barr, who loudly and proudly endorsed the GOP nominee for president!

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Emmy winner said:

“I think we would be so lucky if Trump won. Because then it wouldn’t be Hillary.”

Ummm… has Roseanne been hanging out with Susan Sarandon??

As for why she isn’t a fan of Hillary, the 63-year-old explained:

“Well, she hangs out with [President] Bush. Do you need more than that? She’s friends with everybody that gives her any goddamned money. The fact is, you don’t get to be the nominee without taking a lot of dirty money. You might be the best f*ckin’ person on earth, but if you’re hanging out with criminals who do bad things, that matters a lot.”

Hillary has had her fair share of controversies — but come on! Trump is a ridiculous cartoon of a political candidate!

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Roseanne went on to say she’s team Trump because he financed his own campaign (as billionaires are able to do), continuing:

“I like Trump because he financed his own [campaign]. That’s the only way he could’ve gotten that nomination. Because nobody wants a president who isn’t from Yale and Harvard and in the club. ├óΓé¼╦£Cause it’s all about distribution. When you’re in the club, you’ve got people that you sell to. That’s how money changes hands, that’s how business works. If you’ve got friends there, they scratch your back and blah, blah ├óΓé¼┬ª But Americans don’t even know that much, even though they say they do.”

So, she’s saying because Trump financed his own campaign means he’s DEFINITELY not a corrupt politician?

We hate to say it, but EVERY politician has done shady things in their past. But only one politician has the temperament of a bratty, perpetually constipated toddler.

Do YOU agree with Roseanne? Read her full interview HERE!

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Jun 9, 2016 12:38pm PDT