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Meghan Markle Told Prince Harry The Ghost Of Princess Diana Appeared To Her 'During Yoga', Claims Royal Expert!

Meghan Markle Told Prince Harry She Spoke To Late Princess Diana ‘During Yoga’ – And She Said WHAT?!

Did Meghan Markle have a supernatural encounter with the ghost of Princess Diana?! That’s what one royal commentator is claiming! Or at least… they’re saying Meghan claimed it…

According to Kinsey Schofield on the Outspoken Uncancelled podcast, hosted by Dan Wootton, that’s exactly what happened! On Sunday’s episode, Kinsey claimed Princess Beatrice overheard the Suits alum discussing the shocking moment with the Duke of Sussex during Queen Elizabeth II‘s Platinum Jubilee, spilling:

“At the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee when Harry and Meghan were in that room, we kind of saw them peeking out, allegedly Beatrice overheard Meghan say to Prince Harry, ‘Your mum talked to me this morning during yoga and she’s really glad that we’re here.’”

Sorry, what? WHAT?! Meghan got a message from the late princess… during yoga?! Like this wasn’t even some planned séance?? Uhhh, okay…

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It wouldn’t be the first time someone claimed to have been in communication with the late royal! But did the actress really say that to Diana’s son?! And so casually? Like it’s a regular thing she tells him?! That’s… well, unbelievable pretty much sums it up, right?

Kinsey believes Meghan said she spoke to Di — but doesn’t believe the metaphysical convo actually occurred.

Bashing the 42-year-old and the constant comparisons the Sussexes make between Meghan and Diana, the commentator claimed the Cali native was “100 percent” trying to manipulate her husband, explaining:

“When Meghan realized she had this in with Prince Harry, she went into actress mode and started studying her character and that character being Princess Diana. She knew what she wanted. Meghan has always pursued men to elevate her, whether it be with Trevor (Engelson, her ex-husband) in Hollywood or whether it be the chef in Toronto.”

Jeez! She really thinks Meghan pretended to be like Harry’s mom just to woo him? To control him? And is what, claiming to talk to Diana to keep that act going? Wow!

Doubling down on her criticism, Schofield added she doesn’t think Lady Di’s real ghost would’ve been supportive of the couple AT ALL, arguing:

“I think that Diana would be appalled at their behavior and at the way that they hurt the family.”


FWIW, the Platinum Jubilee was a big moment for the Duke and Duchess since it was their first time at a royal event since leaving their senior working royal roles in 2020. Maybe Meghan was looking for some sign that they were meant to be there despite the family feud?? How that turned into her having a convo with Diana, well, that’s a mystery to us!

Hear these claims go down in the podcast (below):

Do you think Meghan actually said this to Harry?! And if so, how does it change your opinion of her?? Sound OFF (below)!

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