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Was Kim Kardashian's Shocking Met Gala Corset DANGEROUS?! Fans Think So -- Here's Why!

Was Kim Kardashian's Shocking Corset DANGEROUS?! Fans Think So!

Kim Kardashian is getting SLAMMED for her super snatched waist at the Met Gala!

The Kardashians star stepped out on the red carpet in New York City on Monday night in a stunning metallic gown and corset called the Maison Margiela by John Galliano. It was a bold look with a SHOCKINGLY SMALL waistline! Just look for yourself (below):


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While everyone’s jaws were on the floor at first, the internet is now calling her out for what they believe is a dangerous outfit! After sharing a clip of the model on the red carpet seemingly struggling to breathe, one fan wrote on X (Twitter):

“I can’t wait for someone to interview Kim so I can watch her try to take enough air into her diaphragm to say a sentence #MetGala”

Many others chimed in, too — and the struggle to breathe was a big topic of concern among other possible safety issues. Critics wrote:

“How is Kim Kardashian breathing her waist looks so small in that omg.”

“Kim Kardashian looks like she can’t breathe. That corset looks so uncomfortable but she looks good”

“Don’t like Kim Kardashian and don’t care about her but that corset thing is??? That must hurt like hell??”

“Looking at this video of Kim Kardashian at the #MetGala makes me want to call 911. This woman’s organs are not doing ok.”

“kim kardashian once again showing up in a look that does nothing but showcase how artificially small she can make her waist”

LOLz. They’re not wrong! This has become a (very controversial) trend of hers! Remember, she got blasted last year for dramatically dropping weight to fit into Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic dress!

Continuing on with the complaints, a huge chunk of the internet was also furious that the influential celeb continued to perpetuate unattainable beauty standards. They added:

“kim kardashian’s waist is absurd. like not to be a hater but it actually is concerning especially when ppl aspire to be like her. sorry”

“Kim Kardashian is literally struggling to walk and breathe because her waist is smaller than her neck and people are just taking photos of her like we should be proud of her for this what the actual f**k”

“F**k Kim Kardashian and her entire family for constantly pushing unachievable beauty standards.”


These definitely aren’t the reactions the reality star was hoping for!! Seems like maybe this ‘fit backfired!

What did y’all think of the look?!? Was it dangerous or not? SOUND OFF (below)!

[Image via Vogue/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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