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Royal Fans REALLY Thought Meghan Markle Snuck Into Coronation In Disguise!

Royal Fans REALLY Thought Meghan Markle Snuck Into Coronation In Disguise!

Did Meghan Markle sneak into the coronation?? Some fans are convinced of it!

As the crowning ceremony played out on screens all over the world on Saturday, Twitter was filled with viewers making bold claims that the Duchess of Sussex was there in “disguise.” Wait, what??

Among the crowd of 2,200 guests, anglophiles locked onto one person in particular with white bushy hair, a big mustache, and glasses — whom some speculated was actually the Suits alum in hiding! Yes, really! Fans thought she secretly traveled to the UK by herself, threw on a wig, and managed to snag a seat in Westminster Abbey for the historic day! All without her family knowing.

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One person teased:

“[Meghan], you’re not fooling us…”

See who they’re talking about (below):

Ha! The coronation guest certainly had a lot going on! Others teased:

“Looks like a character from guess who!”

“I want this to be true so bad.”

“Just wait until the polyjuice potion wears off”


Sorry to burst your bubble, fans, but that wasn’t Meg! It was actually Sir Karl Jenkins, a Welsh multi-instrumentalist and composer. Ahead of the event, the 79-year-old told the BBC he was “honored” and “happy” to be included in the special day. So definitely NOT an imposter! We mean, unless Meghan has been working on this con for a very long time… LOLz!

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We’re not sure if anyone actually believed it for real, but to shut down the speculation even further, we can tell you EXACTLY where Meghan was. The actress made a rare appearance in California over the weekend.

As Perezcious readers know, Prince Harry attended the event solo so his wife could stay home with their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. Along with the coronation, Saturday was also Archie’s fourth birthday, so they had some celebrating of their own to do, but the Duchess was also choosing to stay away from the UK as a method of “protecting her peace” amid the ongoing royal rift.

After the big day was said and done, on Sunday morning, Meghan was seen enjoying a 40-minute hike with her friends Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak. The kids were not with her — probably resting at home with Harry after the birthday bash!

In photos obtained by Page Six, the 41-year-old could be seen wearing a black tank top and leggings with a green jacket tied around her waist. She attempted to go incognito in sunglasses, a bandana, and a large hat. Ch-ch-check it out:

See, this is what it looks like when Meghan goes incognito. No fake mustaches in sight!

Looks like she had fun! For someone who so rarely gets photographed in public, it’s sure very inneresting timing for a sighting! Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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