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Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Feels About Taylor Swift Using His Daughters' Names In Her Songs!

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Ryan Reynolds has achieved many wonderful things in life, but he’s particularly honored that his daughters’ names were featured in a Taylor Swift song!

On Thursday, the Free Guy star opened up about what it felt like to have celeb pal T.Swift use his and wife Blake Lively’s daughters as inspo for characters in her song Betty, admitting that he thought the whole thing was “pretty damn amazing.”

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The 44-year-old told said during a SiriusXM Town Hall special with Jess Cagle:

“The names are the names of our kids. We trust her implicitly. She’s very sensitive to any of that stuff. And obviously the song has nothing to do with our kids other than our kids’ names. But I mean, what an honor.”

The actor went on to say that he and Blake are still to this day blown away by the unique tribute, adding:

“We thought it was pretty damn amazing. We still do. You know, I still walk down the street and shake my head thinking ‘I can’t believe that happened.’”

Naturally, his daughters felt the same way when the power couple shared the cool news with them. Ryan explained:

“We surprised them with it. They didn’t know. They had no idea. We don’t tell them anything, we find they’re most compliant if you offer them no access to outside information.”


After the release of Tay’s Folklore album in July 2020, fans speculated that the Grammy winner revealed the name of Blake and Ryan’s third daughter, Betty, in the track, seeing as the little one’s big sisters, James and Inez, are also used in the lyrics. The songstress sings in the chorus of Betty:

“You heard the rumors from Inez / You can’t believe a word she says / I was walking home on broken cobblestones / Just thinking of you when she pulled up like / A figment of my worst intentions / She said ‘James, get in, let’s drive.’”

Taylor proudly confirmed the theory one month later, saying in a radio interview in August 2020:

“I named all the characters in this story after my friends’ kids, and I hope you like it!”

The Love Story hitmaker went on to offer more of an explanation at the inspiration behind the song, sharing:

“He lost the love of his love, basically, and doesn’t understand how to get it back. I think we all have these situations in our lives where we learn to really, really give a heartfelt apology for the first time. Everyone makes mistakes, everybody really messes up sometimes. This is a song that I wrote from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy. And I’ve always loved that in music you can kind of slip into different identifies and you can sing from other people’s perspectives, and that’s what I did in this one.”

We can’t wait until little Betty and her siblings are old enough to understand what a great honor this is!

[Image via Avalon/WENN]

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