Silent Treatment Between Madonna and Guy


So the latest development in Madonna and Guy Ritchie‘s epic divorce battle is that the two have not been on speaking terms for a while, with communication occurring only between their respective personal assistants.

A source close to the pair snitches, “It has become so bad that they cannot be in a room together for more than a few minutes without having a shouting match.”

We just hope it isn’t in front of the kids!

Another insider says that the Material Girl gave Guy an ultimatum last Friday: transplant back to the States or it’s over.

Even after affecting a fake British accent?

Ritchie couldn’t wait until the conclusion of Madonna’s current tour – the marriage has been dead for a while. Family and friends knew the state of things but kept it under wraps. The couple tried for years to reconcile – to no avail.

Even though there is no pre-nup and Ritchie stands to win up to $150 million or more in divorce court, the filmmaker doesn’t want any of it. Not a single cent.

Or so he’d like us to believe!

Despite the silent treatment, a friend of Ritchie’s predicts a peaceful divorce, as Madonna has already offered Ritchie ownership of a $24 million country estate.

That seems to go against Madonna’s onstage dish at her soon-to-be-ex at her Boston show last night!

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Oct 16, 2008 6:00pm PDT

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