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Simone Biles’ Husband Finally Addresses His Controversial Comments About Their Relationship -- And It Just Might Make You Roll Your Eyes All Over Again!

Simone Biles’ Husband Jonathan Owens Finally Addresses Controversial Comments About Relationship

Simone Biles’s husband is FINALLY addressing his unsavory comments about being “the catch” in his relationship with the Olympic gold medalist.

Back in December, Jonathan Owens, who is a pro athlete himself as he plays as a safety on the Chicago Bears, downplayed his wife and all her glorious accomplishments on The Pivot podcast. He started off by claiming that he’d never heard of her before they met on celebrity dating app Raya in 2020… And no, we’re not joking. He said he hadn’t heard of one of the most famous gymnasts in the WORLD! He then went on to claim that he’s “the catch” in their relationship, and that men overall always tend to be:

“I always say that the men are the catch.”

Backlash quickly erupted online after fans heard him talking about Simone like that, with many urging her to leave the guy. However, the Olympian vehemently defended him in what seemed like several concerted efforts to not be offended by his remarks. But seven months now passed, and he’s finally addressing things himself.

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The 28-year-old started off by downplaying the situation yet AGAIN, telling Us Weekly on Monday he didn’t even know his comments were an issue:

“I have all my social media notifications off, so I didn’t even know for a while. I was actually with my mom and Simone whenever it came out, so, all the comments and everything, I just let them read it. I try to stay off of it, and obviously if you feel like stuff is kind of getting out of hand, that’s when you reach in and say something.”

He continued:

“I don’t mean to cuss, but like, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you say something, they’re going to say something; if you don’t say something, they’re going to say something. So, just live your life. People are going to talk about you anyway, so you might as well do it the way you want to.”

He added that he was “afraid to comment,” but that Simone strongly urged him to… But really, for what?? He didn’t apologize, and he didn’t praise Simone, so??? However, he did note that he and the 27-year-old try to live their lives as outside of the touch of online comments as possible to just “focus on each other.” He said:

“Our biggest thing is, we know that those people don’t know us from a can of paint. I can’t base how I feel off how another person thinks I’m supposed to be … Everyone has a voice, but we do a good job of tuning it out. But sometimes you have to express yourself and let people know, like, ‘You’re in the wrong’ … They don’t know everything that goes on in our relationship. As long as we stay tight and our bond stays strong, we’re unbreakable.”

The NFL athlete added that he hopes to be able to watch Simone during the Olympics this summer while prepping for football season:

“Still got some stuff to figure out with the team, but hopefully everyone understands. Obviously I would love to be out there and support my wife. I haven’t missed a competition yet this year just because I like going out there and watching and everything. And I definitely will say I’m a gymnastics guy now.”

Ha! And with his new tattoo, he won’t be forgetting who his wife is anytime soon! Reactions??

[Images via The Pivot Podcast/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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