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Father Makes 'Bully' Son Stand On Street Corner With Sign!

Has this father gone too far, or is this the exact kind of punishment his son’s bullying deserves??

The concerned dad, Jose, made his son (a 4th grader, recently in trouble for bullying another student) stand at an intersection holding a sign that said that exclaimed that he was a bully, and asked people to honk if they agreed with the message.

The message was this:


We understand what Jose means, but it kinda reads as if the sign is saying “Honk If You Hate Me” — which, might not be the best thing for a young developing mind! But that’s just the execution, not the method!

The father has since been called a lazy parent by choosing this route over others, but he says he’s tried every other form of punishment and NOTHING has worked for his son as well as this has!

Luckily, he’s also received words of support AND encouragement… and he stood there right next to his son during the punishment!

While we might think what was specifically written on the board might have been a little much, we DO love to see a parent take charge, assume responsibility for raising their child, and trying what’s necessary to raise their own personal kid into someone who will hopefully go on to treat others like they’d like to be treated!

Check out the full story video (above)!!

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Oct 05, 2013 12:33pm PDT

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