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Taylor Swift Fans Think They Found 'Bronze, Spray-Tanned Statue' From Kim Kardashian Diss Track! And Guess What??

Swifties Think They’ve Found The ‘Bronze, Spray-Tanned Statue’ Referenced In Kim Kardashian Diss Track! 

Have Taylor Swift fans tracked down the statue referenced in thanK you aIMee?

Everyone knows by now that The Tortured Poets Department track is about Kim Kardashian. Honestly, it wasn’t too hard to figure out as the title literally spells out her name in capital letters. Then of course there are the eyebrow-raising lyrics calling Kanye West’s ex-wife a high school bully! Ouch! Taylor sings at the start of the song:

“When I picture my hometown / There’s a bronze, spray-tanned statue of you / And a plaque underneath it / That threatens to push me down the stairs at our school.”

But it’s one thing to figure out the song is about Kim Kardashian. It’s another to follow the clues and actually FIND THE REAL LIFE STATUE!

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Yeah, that “bronze, spray-tanned statue” Tay mentions? Guess what? A fan did some detective work and potentially located it! The person posted on X (Twitter) that Taylor is potentially referring to a statue in Nashville, where her family did move when she was young. There at The Parthenon is a reproduction of the statue of Athena Parthenos. And fun fact — there’s a massive snake on it! Take a look (below):

Fans are well aware of the history Taylor has with snakes. Back in 2016, Kim referred to the musician as a snake in a tweet about “National Snake Day.” That was after releasing that infamous edited phone call seemingly showing she lied about not wanting Kanye to call her a “bitch” in Famous. The SKIMS creator’s fans subsequently trolled Taylor with snake emojis. Later, the songstress reclaimed the narrative, using imagery of snakes throughout the Reputation era. She even included a “63-foot inflatable cobra named Karyn” for the tour! At the time, some even thought the statue of Athena was the inspiration behind the giant snake onstage. See (below):

Now Taylor seemingly pulled inspo from the figure once again, this time for the lyrics of her new diss track about Kim! Wow! Some praised the social media user for figuring it out, calling them “smart.”

However, others weren’t convinced of the connection between the statue and thanK you aIMee. They noted Taylor’s first hometown was in Pennsylvania — not Nashville. She did move to the city in her teens and has a home there, though. Hmm.

At this time, Kim hasn’t directly addressed the diss track. However, she did appear to hit back at Taylor this week by posting a picture with her former pal Karlie Kloss! Yikes! It’s safe to say these two won’t mend the fences anytime soon. What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you believe Swifties accurately identified the statue? Or do you think this was a stretch? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Vogue/YouTube]

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