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Taylor Swift Threatening To Sue Over False Nude Photos!

Taylor Swift Horiztonal Stripes Perfume
A website recently posted a nude photo of a Taylor Swift twinkie questioning whether or not the topless girl in the pic was in fact Taylor.
As soon as Swifty got word of the photo, her lawyers sent a threatening letter to the website, demanding it be taken down or else!
The letter accuses the website of “false pornographic images and false news.”
The website’s reaction? They say their weighing their options…
At the moment, the post is still up. And so is another post calling Swifty an attacker for the heavy-worded letter sent to them from her lawyers.
Hmm, on one hand, if the site is clearly questioning whether or not the photo is real (and clearly it’s not), why should she be that upset over it? Then again, on the other hand, people can be dumb, think it’s real and that could unnecessarily hurt her image.
[Image via WENN.]

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Oct 31, 2011 17:10pm PDT

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