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The Little Mermaid Makeup Artist Defends Melissa McCarthy's Ursula Look After Getting SLAMMED By Twitter Critics!

‘The Little Mermaid’ Makeup Artist Defends Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula Look After Getting SLAMMED By Drag Queens & Twitter Critics

The Little Mermaid makeup artist is clapping back at hate over Ursula’s new look!

Over the weekend, Disney debuted the highly-anticipated remake version of the classic musical, but fans weren’t so pleased with some updated details — such as the villain’s appearance!

Before and after the film was released, viewers expressed concerns over Melissa McCarthy’s transformation into Ursula. Then the Mouse House dropped a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic villain and s**t hit the fan! In the clip, Melissa can be seen with makeup artist Peter Smith King putting on bright green eyeshadow and chalky foundation.

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Take a look at the transformation (below)!

Twitter lit up with hot takes — with most people slamming the makeup artist’s take on the iconic character, who was originally inspired by the late drag queen Divine, animator Rob Minkoff confirmed earlier this month. Fans wrote:

“Now when we said Ursula was inspired by a drag queen, we didn’t mean one who had only been doing it for 3 months”

“Who the hell did Disney hire to do Ursula’s makeup? Bro was it dark in the room or what?”

“absolutely why we should hire up and coming queer artists with a pulse on the present and a vision for the future more often”

“I’m not offended by a straight person doing Ursula’s makeup — I *am* offended by how f**king awful it is. Also, the lack of respect for the original’s inspiration of Divine is both extremely clear in this makeup and what queer people are most upset by than if the MUA is queer.”

Yeah, you get the point. The people were FED UP!

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Unfortunately, Peter’s not taking their constructive criticism very well! In a response to Insider on Friday, the artist clapped back:

“I find that very offensive … Why can’t I do as good a job as a queer makeup artist? That’s ridiculous. That’s trying to claim it and that’s fine, if that’s what they wanna do, but don’t put people down because they’re not what they want it to be.”

He also said the design for the Poor Unfortunate Souls singer “wasn’t based on Divine,” who he actually met in London before her death. He continued:

“I personally don’t get it. Yes, I’m very old now, so that’s fine, I get that too, but, you know, a makeup artist or makeup designer could design makeup, they don’t have to have an attachment to the nature of what they’re doing.”

The MUA also collaborated with Melissa a ton throughout the process:

“We discussed everything. I mean, we both laughed about how much we love drag queens and drag makeup and stuff. But it wasn’t based on any drag acts at all.”

Peter doubled down and claimed this version of Ursula was created without ANY form of inspiration:

“I didn’t really draw on anything. I played around quite a lot with different colors, different shapes and stuff … It just was sort of Melissa and I talking and creating. I didn’t really draw on anything at all.”

When a character was so publicly inspired by an IRL icon and then used as inspiration for countless drag queens, it seems a little odd not to do any research for the new design…

That said, Melissa “100 percent” researched drag queens while prepping for her big role. She told EW last month:

“I’m a huge, huge fan of drag shows and the whole art of it and the entertainment of it. I’ve been going to shows since I was not supposed to be going to shows.”

The actress then quipped:

“There’s a drag queen that lives in me. I’m always right on the verge of going full-time with her.”

LOLz! If only her appearance pleased drag queens more! What do YOU think of the makeup — yay or nay? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Walt Disney Studios/Twitter]

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