The Man Behind Lady GaGa’s Heel-less Shoes


We’ve all seen them, but who makes them?

Meet Noritaka Tatehana, the 25 year old designer based out of Tokyo, who is responsible for Lady GaGa‘s towering shoes.

The talented creator recently dished to MTV all things GaGa and of course his shoes.

Here’s what Tatehana had to say:

What was your inspiration for your heel-less shoes, the ones that Lady Gaga wears?

“I am interested in history and in the old culture and would like to divert them into modern world. The unique and creative shape comes from “Kan Pokkuri,” which used to be clogs made of empty cans. In the old days, Japanese children used to make these clogs, passing a cord through holes made in the cans. After placing each foot on a can, they tried to walk, holding the cord in their hands.”

How many pairs have you created for Lady Gaga?

“So far, I have made five pairs for her. Most of them are customized. I start making them after talking things over with Nicola [her stylist].

What was your reaction when you first saw Lady Gaga wear your shoes?

“She was on a music program when I first saw her wear my shoes. I was very excited and happy because they looked so nice on her.”

What has Lady Gaga done for your career?

“Thanks to Lady Gaga, my collections have become widely known around the world. I must continue to work on my creation in order to live up to her expectations.”

Are you working on more shoes for Lady Gaga?

“She has placed some more orders. Please look forward to what might be coming up in the future.”

If you’re looking to score a pair of the 9″ shoes for yourself, prices range between $2,500-$4,000. They’ll be available online via his website starting in July.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

Jun 23, 2010 6:30pm PDT