The Most Precious Preciousness


Say hello to the newest member of our family!!!

We just named him Teddy and he’s our little teddy bear.

Actually, he’s a mini Goldendoodle and we are madly in love!

We got him on Monday and he’s almost eight weeks old.

Teddy is the little brother to our adorable Maltese, Coquito, who is getting older now (he’s 12 ).

We had no idea what kind of doggy we wanted, but we knew we wanted to add one to our family and our mom’s birthday was the perfect occasion to welcome him to the clan.

How’d we stumble upon a Goldendoodle?

We typed in “small” “cute” and “smart” into Google and they popped up!

Teddy will grow up to be about 20 lbs and even more adorable than he already is.

We got him at Southern Cal Kennels, Grade A mini Goldendoodle breeders.

We are just so in love.

Our little Teddy bear!

We even made a little video with our new man.

CLICK HERE to watch Teddy in action.

He will melt your heart!

Oct 23, 2007 2:48pm PDT

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