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TikTok Star Bella Brave In Medically Induced Coma: 'They Don't Know If She'll Survive'

TikTok Star Bella Brave In Medically Induced Coma: 'Don't Know If She'll Survive'

Popular TikTok star Bella Brave is sadly in a medically induced coma and in very grave condition right now — but her mom is holding out hope.

The little girl, who suffers from Hirschsprung’s disease and severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), has amassed over seven million followers across Instagram and TikTok as her mother KylaCT documents her health journey. Fans have seen the little girl deal with ups and downs, and sadly, the most recent update is a sad one.

On Tuesday, Kyla took to Instagram to reveal that the 10-year-old is “stable” but “intubated in the ICU” after a rough few days developing a viral infection in her lungs and possibly the chronic Bronchiolitis Obliterans. That is something the American Lung Association calls an “irreversible condition,” and is also known colloquially as “popcorn lung.”

Kyla wrote in the update:

“They’ve told us they don’t know if she’ll survive this. I know she will. I know she has an army praying for her. Yesterday was horrible beyond measure but also hopeful. She mesmerized the doctors by sitting up, chatty, but requiring 100% o2 on bipap & a bunch of other remarkable things that in this situation typically, the average kid would already be sedated and intubated. Yet, Bella is up, alert and talking. We started the lung steroids but then her ability to keep her own energy up enough to expand her lungs to breathe was getting harder. She lost 4lbs in 1 day putting all her energy into breathing. Her co2 increased and she started to doze off & have delirium. She was alert enough to tell me I turned into a piece of bread but also knew she was at SickKids hospital in Toronto. They knew at that point they needed to sedated her and intubate before she crashed.”

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So, so sad. She continued:

“We waited hours before they came out to tell us if she survived intubation and remained stable. It was hard for them to get her lungs to expand. They saw her lungs looked perfect inside. Not red or swollen. Nothing showing damage from infection. The issue is with her lungs being stiff and difficult to expand and they need to figure out why. They will figure out why & they will fix it, I refuse to believe anything less.”

How heartbreaking.

See some more updates (below):


Since Bella was addmitted to hospital in May her specialists have been trying to figure out this sudden need for oxygen & why it worsened. ❤️‍???? We know the power of prayer & want to update our tiktok family. ???????????? Since last night Bella’s had improvments with her oxygen need. Small gains but we will take it. Keep fighting hunny, you have millions of BRAVElings with you.???????? #bellabrave #sickkidsstrong

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Wow. We can’t even imagine the sadness and helplessness and fear that poor mom is going through right now. And the ordeal Bella is in! Ugh! So heartbreaking. We’re sending love and healing energy Bella’s way!!

[Images via KylaCT/Instagram & TikTok]

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