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Timberlake Cheats On Biel? Lolhan Tweets All About It!


Celebrities sometimes forget that people tend to watch them wherever they go. So when you cheat on your girlfriend with some skanky hoe at a club in New York City, it will become headline news.

Sort of like this!

Justin Timberlake was caught canoodling with an unknown brunette Monday night at AVENUE, a new lounge in Chelsea NYC. Bystanders saw the very intoxicated Timberpuss holding hands and kissing someone that was not his girlfriend, Jessica Biel.

One of those bystanders just happened to be Lindsay Lohan, (because where there is alcohol, you’ll always find Lezlo!). Anyhoo, Lindsanity watched on as JT made an ass out of himself with this girl, as well as treated guests to a 3 minute breakdance in which he “rolled around the floor and accidentally crashed into surrounding patrons.”


So, just as any decent person would do, Lindsay pulled out her phone, took a very dark pic, and Tweeted on her official Twitter: “…where’s jb [Jessica Biel] cheater?”

Really JT? If Lindsay Lohan is questioning your moral integrity, you know you effed up BIG TIME!

Can’t wait to hear what Jessica Biel has to say!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jun 17, 2009 12:00pm PDT