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Tom Brady Sometimes Eats Just ONE Chicken Wing As A 'Guilty Pleasure' On His Super Strict Diet!

Tom Brady Sometimes Eats Just ONE Chicken Wing As A 'Guilty Pleasure' On His Super Strict Diet!

Tom Brady is known to have a strict diet — an extremely strict diet! And it turns out the man sticks to it! Even when he cheats!

In an interview with People on Thursday, his former New England Patriots teammate Julian Edelman spilled the tea on the kind of cheat meal Tom normally opted for during his days of playing football. And, of course, it’s a classic football dish! We’re not talking chips and dip her! Julian revealed:

“He used to love chicken wings once in a while.”

However, the athlete isn’t chowing down on a bucket of wings like most football fans! Nope, Brady’s “guilty pleasure” is apparently eating one single chicken wing! Just enough to get a taste, but no more than that! Julian explained:

“We used to have the same team meals every night before the game because we would stay in hotels and usually we’d cater the same types of foods and there’d always be some sort of chicken wing. And Tom would always have one chicken wing for his guilty pleasure before we would huddle off to bed.”

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That’s it?! Damn! It’s impressive he can resist the temptation of eating more than one! Even the interviewer was shook! When asked to confirm what he just said, the former wide receiver replied:

“A single chicken wing.”

Wow! It’s not as much a shock to Julian as it may be to others, though! He’s witnessed first-hand Tom’s strict diet while playing alongside him for years! And according to the NFL star, Gisele Bündchen’s ex-husband “really does” stick to the intense food regimen — 80 percent vegetables and whole grains and 20 percent lean meats and fish. Julian added:

“He does live by that diet. I’m not going to lie. He does practice what he preaches. We used to get in arguments all the time about it.”

We wonder if Tom indulges in at least two chicken wings now that he’s retired from the NFL! Or is he still dedicated to the strict diet each day no matter what? Hmm. Oh, and if you’re curious about what Edelman’s favorite cheat meal is, don’t worry we have the answer for you! He told People he’s a “big burger guy.” Hey, you can’t beat a simple burger!

Are you shocked Brady sometimes only eats one wing, Perezcious readers? Drop your reactions to the reveal in the comments below!

[Image via The Pivot Podcast/Gordon Ramsay/YouTube]

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