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Popular 'Tomb Raider' Actor Brutally Stabbed In China -- And It's All Caught On Video

This is horrific!

An ‘enormously popular’ Hong Kong-based actor named Simon Yam was brutally stabbed this week while he was on stage at a public event celebrating the opening of a new store in southern China.

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As you can see in the video (above) at about the one-minute mark, a man comes up to Yam as he’s on stage during the event, and brutally stabs him after pulling a knife out of his pocket and lunging at the actor. Yam was stabbed at least once in the abdomen, after which the man followed things up by attempting to stab him a second time, and then slash him again, as Yam backed away in horror.

Security got on the scene quickly but had some trouble subduing the man as he lunged after Yam repeatedly. There was no reported motive for the attack, and it’s unclear why the man targeted the popular actor; as of press time here, investigators in China had not released why the man attacked Yam with the knife, or whether there was any connection between the two men before this incident.

Yam was in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider alongside major American stars earlier in his career, as well as other movies like The Cradle of Life, starring Angelina Jolie. He also made appearances in ElectionExiled, and many other movies both in America and Asia. He has enjoyed a long career in film, and remains a fairly high-profile actor back in Asia, where this news was met with significant concern and consternation as it became apparent it was all caught on video.

Yam is reportedly in stable condition now, recovering from abdomen wounds as well as cuts and slashes on his arms because of the horrific attack. No word on the attacker’s current status, other than the fact that he has been subdued. Obviously, it’s a very shocking scene, and our thoughts and prayers remain with Yam as he recovers from the scary, seemingly unprovoked attack and his serious wounds therein. We can only hope he quickly returns to full health and can continue his career — and his life — without serious setbacks after this point.

So scary!!! What do y’all think about this video (above), Perezcious readers?! Not exactly the kind of thing you love to see — far from it, in fact. Such an awful and seemingly-unnecessary attack! Here’s hoping justice is served and Yam returns to full health as soon as possible…

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Jul 20, 2019 09:27am PDT