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Vanderpump Rules Scandal: Faith Stowers Demands Jax Taylor Get The Axe & Says Stassi Schroeder And Kristen Doute Shouldn't Be 'Shunned' For What They Did!

Faith Stowers makes a set of demands following claims of racism on 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Faith Stowers is reminding Bravo they still have some more work to do on Vanderpump Rules!

The network has already cut ties with several cast members, including Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, in light of past racist behavior against her that was unearthed this week. However, the reality TV starlet remains adamant her old co-star Jax Taylor needs to face consequences for his shitty part in all of this, too.

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In conversation with ET‘s Nischelle Turner, Stowers compared Taylor to Schroeder and Doute, claiming he “probably had more terrible things to say than these two young ladies.”

“He’s said very, very mean things to new cast members. He did not receive me and Lala Kent very well when we first started. He said very mean things to us as well, later on apologizing. But it seems like he continues to get away with everything he does and I’m not sure why, especially at his age. It’s not like he’s doing this as a young adult, as a kid and just making these little mistakes young people sometimes do.”

Faith continued:

“He’s a grown man in this society, this is a life he wants to live and I feel like Lisa [Vanderpump] definitely needs to tell him he’s wrong. She really needs to reprimand him off the show as well.”

We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment! From there, she went on to detail the horrible actions of her co-stars in response to her cheating scandal with Jax while he was dating Brittany Cartwright:

“They tried to have the military also arrest me or take me down because they thought I went AWOL, not knowing that I have honorable discharge papers that show that I had done my eight years of service for my country. So they tried to take that from me too and then when that didn’t work, they said the night of the scandal, when it all comes out, the night of Scheana [Shay]‘s birthday party, Jax’s car went missing out of his home. They said that I was the person that went into his home and did grand theft auto, like, I went and broke into his home and stole his car. So they said so much that it was hard to take in and I was really numb at that moment.”

Wow. That’s so f**ked up!! Not only did they accuse her of theft, but they also tried to put a permanent stain on her military career, too?! Oh hell no. Bring out the broom and continue cleaning house, Bravo! Faith argued:

“He was arrested for stealing on the show. So I was like, why would you do that? You know how that feels because you actually did it, you actually did steal something and get arrested. So why would you put what you went through on me, when you don’t even know that I did that?”

It just sounds like racism, ignorance, and white privilege at it’s finest. Definitely fireable offenses, just saying! The star noted Lisa should do something about Jax because “what they do is also a reflection of her stage and what she’s bringing out to the public.”

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Although she’s out for blood when it comes to Taylor, Stowers did have a surprisingly more understanding approach to how Stassi and Kristen should move forward! Despite the pair’s horrible and racially insensitive actions, she doesn’t want them to be “shunned for what they did,” telling People:

“When they do realize the power that they have, I want them to utilize it for good. They shouldn’t be shunned for what they did, that won’t help them. I want them to listen and learn. Maybe we will see good things from Stassi and Kristen down the road.”

Yeah… that’s only if brands and other networks are willing to associate themselves with this sort of controversy. Spoiler alert: it’s doubtful. In the meantime, the 31-year-old MTV star thinks Stassi could use some work on her apology skills, adding the Next Level Basic author still hasn’t apologized “directly” or “privately” for that matter:

“Stassi has done nothing. She made a statement, but that was it.”

As for Doute, Stowers says:

“Kristen DM’d me after receiving pressure from people to.”

One cast member who seemed to get it right was the Give Them Lala business owner, who reached out to Faith over the phone after the Pump Rules allegations came to light. She told E! News of their relationship:

“I reached out to Lala awhile ago when I got the news that her father had died. Her dad is an amazing man. Her family are amazing people, they are really good people. I lost my dad and she knows this and if we had not been in the situation that we had been in, I would have helped her through that. She reached out to me during all of this happening and she apologized and she told me she wanted to be on a clean slate and she thanked me for my condolences and maybe we’ll be moving forward.”

She added:

“We were very, very close. I know I was really hurt by all of them. I will be honest and say I was hurt by all of them validly but when somebody reaches out personally like she did and apologizes—someone that actually knows me—that makes me feel good. I’m glad that she did. Who knows what’s going to happen from here but at least she did a personal apology.”

At least there’s one silver lining in all of this! But as we mentioned throughout, the real icing on the cake would see that justice gets served all around. We hope Jax is getting his personal affairs in order for what’s inevitably coming down the pipeline!!

At this rate, do U think Vanderpump Rules will survive with so many of its core members on the chopping block?? Maybe just cancel it altogether and start fresh with something new? It’s 2020, anything can happen!

[Image via FayesVision/Judy Eddy/WENN]

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