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RHOC Anti-Vaxxer Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Tests Positive For COVID

RHOC Anti-Vaxxer Vicki Gunvalson Has COVID But Still Denies It!

Real Housewives of Orange County alum and avid anti-vaxxer Vicki Gunvalson has contracted coronavirus, according to a close source who dished the news to

Speaking to the outlet on Wednesday, the 59-year-old refused to confirm or deny whether or not she’d caught the virus, but insisted that she had not been vaccinated due to a “health exemption.” And let’s just say she wasn’t very happy about the mag trying to expose her COVID case! The reality TV star argued “with a croaky voice,” according to the publication:

“You’re not writing a story about an unknown cold I have.”

“Unknown” as in the virus that’s caused a global pandemic, tragically killed thousands, and taken doctors months to find a vaccine for?? What other mystery sickness is spreading rapidly at the moment, Vic?? SMH.

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Standing by the belief she has only caught a cold, the vaccine skeptic also complained to the outlet:

“My medical information is not public. Whatever happened to privacy? Do you want your medical records all over the internet?”

As for her desire not to get the now FDA approved shot, she added:

“I have underlying issues, I cannot get the vaccine. I’ve got blood clots, I have a health exemption.”

This is not the first time coronavirus controversy has hit home for the Gunvalson family. The close-knit group has been torn apart with varied opinions on the matter. Earlier this month, Vicki’s fiancé Steve Lodge (top inset), who is running for governor of California, lashed out at Real Housewives co-star Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurant TomTom, which now requires proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for entry. Infuriated, Lodge made an angry video, sharing similar thoughts to his soon-to-be wife, saying:

“Whatever happened to the right of privacy of your health records?”

His rant continued:

“I guess someone forgot to tell them that vaccinated people can also spread and get COVID.”

If you’re wondering if Vicki has any sway when it comes to her future husband’s political decisions, she insisted she doesn’t:

“His campaign is separate from my health. Steve’s health and Steve’s viewpoints have nothing to do with me, so we’re not going there.”

But just like when discussing her private health matters, she did sorta go there, furthering:

“His decisions on what he wants to do have nothing to do with me. He’s running for governor and he has a really good chance of winning, but that has nothing to do with my viewpoints.”

Thankfully, not everyone in the family is so misguided. Vicki’s son, Mike Wolfsmith (lower inset), whom she welcomed in her first marriage, was happy to announce he’d been vaxxed. In early August, he snapped a selfie with his nurse while getting the potentially life-saving medicine.

When a fan questioned how his momma felt about the decision, he admitted:

“She said ‘it broke her heart’ lol”

Mm-hm. See? She’s putting up a front that this is about privacy and medical exemption — but if that were true, why would she be upset that her son got the potentially life-saving shot?? These people always say it’s about personal choice — then freak out when people make choices they don’t agree with.

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While speaking to the outlet, the Bravolebrity commented on her son’s claim:

“He’s very liberal, my son is. I’m not.”

Ugh. VACCINATION IS NOT A POLITICAL IDEA! IT’S JUST ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?! Because Vicki is hesitant of what’s in the shot (and reading “terrible sources of information,” according to Mike), she continued:

“It did [break my heart he got the vaccine], because of all the people that are getting sick. It did break my heart.”

Maybe the only thing making her feel better is that she doesn’t think it’ll work! She alleged:

“He already had Covid. It doesn’t work.”

Um, that’s not what scientists are saying, honey! It sure works a lot better than not getting vaccinated! Thankfully, the differing opinions haven’t split the family apart completely. In July, the mom of two visited Mike in his new home in Hawaii — and via Instagram pics (below), it looks like the duo had a great time.

With all the heartbreak so many families are suffering because of coronavirus, we suppose it’s nice these loved ones have remained close despite their widely different takes on the pandemic. And we do hope Gunvalson recovers from her *sigh* “cold” smoothly.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Does it surprise you that even with a possible positive diagnosis this anti-vaxxer is still in denial? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN & Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram]

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