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White House Gives An Annoying Response To Kellyanne Conway's Unethical Endorsement Of Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line

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Kellyanne Conway is too dumb to realize when she’s being unethical!
That’s basically the White House’s defense over last month’s incident where Donald Trump‘s counselor promoted Ivanka Trump‘s fashion line in a live TV interview.
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According to a White House letter to the Office of Government Ethics, officials concluded that POTUS’s advisor acted “inadvertently” and “without nefarious motive or intent” when she gave Ivanka a free commercial.
In the letter to OGE Director Walter Shaub — who urged officials to investigate the QVC moment earlier this month — White House deputy counsel Stefan Passantino said he met with Conway and briefed her on federal employee ethics laws, writing:

“We concluded that Ms. Conway acted inadvertently and is highly unlikely to do so again. Ms. Conway has acknowledged her understanding of the standards and has reiterated her commitment to abiding by them in the future.”

Really? One meeting and problem solved?
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Homegirl should be forced to take an entire undergraduate ethics course if she didn’t realize what she did was violating federal ethics law!
And it looks like others agree. House Oversight Committee Representative Elijah Cummings said the lack of punishment for Conway is “a very bad sign,” explaining in a statement:

“Other federal employees would likely be suspended for engaging in this conduct, and White House officials should not be held to a different standard. I hope that the president reconsiders his decision and that he and his staff will take their ethical obligations more seriously.”

As nice as that sounds, it appears “ethical obligations” don’t apply to this White House.
[Image via NBC.]

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Mar 01, 2017 17:10pm PDT