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Zac Efron's Ex Says She Was Basically Left Brainwashed After Their Breakup

zac efron : ex girlfriend says she was brainwashed in relationship

We’ve been so focused on the Zac Efron‘s split from Vanessa Valladares lately, we didn’t even realize there was drama from his previous relationship…

Speculation abounded after Zanessa 2.0’s breakup following 10 (or more?) months together. But Sarah Bro, whom the Disney alum dated back in 2019, offered some direct insight into her relationship and breakup with the star, and she definitely didn’t cast him in a good light.

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The Danish professional swimmer reflected on the romance on her podcast Hjerteflimmer for voksne, speaking on the topic of love with co-host Jytte Vikkelsø and guest Adam August. Sarah opened up about a “traumatic” relationship with an unnamed man that is almost certainly the Baywatch star.

As reported by Danish outlet SE og HØR and later translated to English, she explained:

“I was dating a movie star over in the US. Something I have never talked about before to the media, because I have not seen any reason for it. But when we sit here in this setting, I can also feel that it is difficult to talk about love, without also talking about the one thing that has made me truly believe in my heart that I should not have a boyfriend again.”

The 25-year-old revealed:

“I had come so far that I hardly knew what was right and wrong. I had been so manipulated and almost brainwashed. But also because I was young, confused, and in love, and that I chose to turn a blind eye on purpose.”

Describing what sounds like an emotionally abusive situation, the Olympian shared:

“My ex-boyfriend could tell me that I was so annoying because I was always so happy. And then I start believing in it. And if he then said to me one day that I looked nice. Then I could live on that for weeks. As if we had just gotten married almost. It was completely ecstatic.”

She added:

“It was really hard [being] with someone where I compromised so much with my own boundaries. Eventually, I got so far away from who I really was that I couldn’t recognize myself.”

After they split, the young athlete claimed that “not only did I have to deal with a breakup, I also had to deal with pulling myself up after it.” She told Vikkelsø and August:

“It was not just my heart that was broken. It was my whole personality that was split in half.”

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Sarah is now seeing someone “honest, loyal, and down to earth,” but she’s aware she has “some baggage” after her relationship with the actor. She admitted:

“I got used to making some delusions inside myself. I had reached a point where it was normal for me to have a stomach ache. So not having it is actually pretty weird. And I’m afraid I’m going to get it again.”

Wow. It sounds like Zac is guilty of some seriously problematic behavior in this relationship. We’re glad Sarah is healing and moving on from it. Maybe Vanessa (Valladares or Hudgens) will open up about her own experiences someday, too.

[Image via AEDT/WENN & Sarah Bro/Instagram]

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