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Zac Efron's Australian Confidant Denies He Had Plastic Surgery & Reveals The Actor Dated Ex Vanessa Valladares WAY Longer Than We Thought!

Zac Efron might need to start paying his Australian bestie for acting as a spokesman!

Radio host Kyle Sandilands has been giving the inside scoop on the High School Musical alum since Zac moved Down Under. It may be a bit of an odd couple friendship, but Kyle has provided some crucial info in the past, including confirming that the heartthrob had broken up with Vanessa Valladares.

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Now, he revealed this bombshell on the Kyle & Jackie O Show about the recently-ended relationship:

“They’ve been together a lot longer than people realize.”

Previously, we’d thought the romance lasted about 10 months, starting in the summer of 2020. But fans recently uncovered an old Instagram post of Vanessa’s that suggests otherwise. The ‘gram itself was posted in 2017, but what raised eyebrows was a comment from March 2018:

“Take care god bless you and zac.xx”

Now, the “Zac” in this comment may not refer to Efron (although how weird would it be if the actor previously dated a Vanessa and his ex previously dated a Zac with the same spelling???). However, Kyle’s co-host pointed out that he had been in Australia for The Greatest Showman premiere around the time that the model had posted that pic in December 2017.

So, were Zanessa 2.0 actually together for THREE years?! The 59-year-old couldn’t confirm the exact timeline, but he did torpedo the story about them meeting when she was a waitress at a cafe. He shared:

“I don’t know where they met… but yeah, this isn’t just recent. … It’s been going on for a little while. I don’t know exactly how long. … They were together for quite a while.”

So, maybe not exactly three years (Kyle is “not good with dates”) but definitely more than 10 months. And the evidence was right under our nose the whole time!

BTW, in a previous episode, the radio host also weighed in on the recent controversy as to whether the Netflix star had plastic surgery. Confronted with the rumors, the Australian dismissed it, saying:

“Zac Efron’s a very handsome man. …He just shaved the beard off recently. I haven’t head of anything. I would know if he’d had any plastic surgery.”

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He joked:

“It’s like getting a Picasso and having a kid finger paint over the top of it. Why bother?”

Good point, Kyle!

We have to laugh at how random this source of info on all things Zac Efron is, but we also appreciate Kyle for his clarifying remarks. Glad he has good friends by his side over there!

[Image via Mario Mitsis/WENN/LJPhotoCorp & Vanessa Valladares/Instagram]

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