Zacquisha Has Special Needs


Zac Efron is just obsessed with his hair.

At Ashley Tisdale‘s party, he reportedly spent a good amount of time inside the house flat ironing his locks.

Now, we find out that during the Teen Choice Awards, Zefron kept complaining about the humidity ruining his hair.

SO, what’s a girl to do???

Well, he went backstage to ask around for a curling iron.

A source tells Star magazine, “One of the awards staff asked Zac who it [the flat iron[ was for, and he said Vanessa Hudgens, but it was really for him!”

And just moments after, Zefron was caught styling his hair.

The source adds, “He said the humidity was killing his hair and that it was flat.”

At least he cares about his appearance. Maybe a bit too much!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 13, 2008 7:29pm PDT

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