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Wife Swap Gets A Touch Of Celebreality

| Filed under: Niecy NashGary BuseyFlavor FlavReality TV

Wife Swap is getting a taste of celebreality.

Celebrities will be trading wives for the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, many of these celebrities were on game shows to find their wives.


Now they're trading them. Who knew?

The celebrities have been paired as followed:

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Gary Busey Is Being Sued, Wanna Know Why?

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueLegal MattersGary Busey

Gary Busey Tackle

Gary Busey is being sued… for drunkenly tackling a woman at an airport.

In Oklahoma.

Apparently he got a little puzzled on some brew and then shouldered a 57 year old woman to the ground. Not because he was mad at her or anything, but he was in a rush to board.

Her name is Carla Loeffler and this happened back in May in Tulsa. She claims she was injured and is looking for unspecified damages. Like we said, it was unprovoked.

Gary hasn't responded to the claims publicly yet, but oddly enough this doesn't completely surprise us. Though we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until we hear one way or another.

[Image via WENN.]

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Jeremy London Gets A Job!

| Filed under: Film FlickersPerezTVGary Busey

Things are lookin' up for the London brothers!

Last we heard from Jason London, he tied the knot and seemed to be very much in love…and now his bro Jeremy has got a new gig!

Check out the trailer (above) for Jeremy London's new indie movie Don't Pass Me By, which also stars Gary Busey's son Jake, Oliver Stone's son Sean, and newcomers Tyler Lueck and Rachel Noll.

Good luck, Jeremy!

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Gary Busey and Televangelist Ted Haggard Will Swap Wives!!!

| Filed under: TV NewsWacky, Tacky & TrueLove LineGary BuseyCourtney StoddenReality TV

ted haggard and gary busey will swap wives

Reality TV has just reached a whole new level of OMGWTFSRSLY?!?!?!?

Yesterday, producers of the upcoming ABC reality series Celebrity Wife Swap officially announced that televangelist Ted Haggard and Gary Busey will "swap partners" on the new show.

Last we heard from Gary,

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Oops! Gary Busey Kicked Off New Movie For Behavior Complaints

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooFilm FlickersOops!Gary Busey

gary busey kicked off of new movie

Oh no! What happened, Gary?

Last we heard from Gary Busey, we were very impressed to hear that he had given $40,000 to The Center For Head Injury Services, which helped save his life back in 1988 from a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

Now, we're sad to learn that Gary was fired from his new movie Mansion of Blood after several members of the production team complained about his behavior.

It gets worse though - We're hearing that a woman complained about "inappropriate comments" which the actor made. Hopefully it wasn't anything TOO bad.

Here's what Gary's rep had to say about the whole ordeal:

"The situation was plagued by contractual issues and misunderstandings from the outset. Gary considers this episode concluded and has no further comment on the matter."

At least it sounds like everyone plans to move on from this without any kind of legal drama. Could def be MUCH worse, especially if the woman decided to sue Gary for his "inappropriate comments!"

Onward and upward!

[Image via WENN.]

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Gary Busey Gives Back To Brain Injury Survivors

| Filed under: InspirationGary Busey

Gary Busey Gives Back

A lot of people give Gary Busey flack for his erratic behavoir, and we aren't innocent from pointing it out too. But we're beginning to realize he isn't just some weirdo on television making a scene.

He's actually a very decent person, and recently he has given back to The Center For Head Injury Services, which helped save his life back in 1988 from a near-fatal motorcycle accident:

"On December 4, 1988, I received a traumatic brain injury when I was thrown off my motorcycle into a curb head first, without a helmet. I landed at the feet of a police officer who radioed for paramedics who were a block away on a lunch break. The paramedics reacted instantly and took me to Cedars-Sinai Hospital where I had brain surgery under Dr. Lauren Hooten. The doctor told me that if I had been three minutes later, I would have been dead. No chance for survival.

"Because of a traumatic brain injury alliance, I was able to give $40,000 to The Center For Head Injury Services, the group of people who kept me alive with their services in recovery from surgery and out-patient care afterward. To be able to give back to The Center For Head Injury Services is an honor, blessing, and a miracle all at the same time."

It took Gary five weeks to regain consciousness.

Honestly, the fact that he has recovered and has been able to lead a normal (if not somewhat odd) life is astounding. He deserves some credit for his strength, while The Center For Head Injury Services deserves credit for the help that they gave.

He should be seen as an inspiration through his survival to those coping with similar injuries, that's for sure!

Gary, donating that was simply wonderful of you!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Hoff Joins Piranha 3DD

| Filed under: Film FlickersWacky, Tacky & TrueGary Busey

David Hasselhoff speedo

PLEASE be playing a lifeguard!!!

And please don't ACTUALLY wear a speedo! LOLz!

David Hasselhoff has joined the cast of Piranha 3DD, which is already shooting and scheduled for release this Thanksgiving.

With Gary Busey and Mitch Buchannon fighting flesh-eating fish in a piranha infested water park, we'll have a lot to give thanks for this November!

Are U looking forward to seeing the former Baywatch star saving lives and/or being eaten alive in Piranha 3DD?

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