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Pink Snags A Copy Of Her Own Women's Health!

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pink buys own magazine cover

Ha! Celebs! They're just like us!

Sometimes you can't just wait for a publication to send you a copy of whatever you're on the cover of! If it hits stands, you best go out and pick up a few!!

That's exactly what Pink did! She's on the cover of Women's Health, and she was spotted buying a copy of it for herself! It totally didn't need a boost in sales, we're sure, but whatevs!

Good for her!

Though, we wonder if it was awkward when the store clerk realized she was buying her own magazine.

Who cares?? She probably owned up to that shizz because Pink doesn't have any time to NOT be a badass!

Looking fab, girl! Great cover!!

To get a better view of her AH-mazing Women's Health cover this month, CLICK HERE!

[Image via BORISIO/Pacific Coast News.]

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Pink Talks About Cheesecake & Wanting To Be 10 Lbs Thinner In Women's Health!

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P!nk says she'd like to be 10lbs thinner but is okay the way she is

By the look of that body, we can't see where she'd lose those 10 lbs!

P!nk is that person who says what everyone thinks and we love her for it because she’s just so real! And, she still maintains a healthy body image, which is why we admire her soooOOOooo much!

Like in the October issue of Women’s Health where she looks incredibly toned on the cover and talks about how she’d love to lose weight, as well as her love of cheesecake.

With regard to her size, P!nk said:

P!nk says she'd like to be 10lbs thinner but is okay the way she isP!nk says she'd like to be 10lbs thinner but is okay the way she is
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Pink Has A Bikini Beach Day With Willow!

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Pink is one sexy mama!

The music star was spotted in a RAD bikini at the beach with her beautiful and not-to-mention cute daughter Willow.

But the real star of the show was Pink's abs!

A lot of folks claim they have a six pack, but Pink looked like she had a twenty pack!

Wouldn't we like to know what her secrets are at the gym!

Think she'll share them??


We'll just have to admire her from afar!!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

Pink's Weight Loss Secrets!

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Pink is one fit rock star!

She ended up losing an incredible 60 pounds after her pregnancy.

During her pregnancy, she managed to gain a ton of weight, saying:

"I used to eat entire buckets of chicken wings and once I ate an entire cheesecake in one sitting. I’m terrible when it comes to food. I’m the kind of girl who says she’s not going to eat bread and then I eat an entire loaf. Like some old chuffer."

So how did she go from garbage disposal to paragon of fitness??

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