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Star Jones' Ex Wants $$$ From Her After She Calls Their Marriage "Booty"

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And she might actually have to pay him, with no one to blame but herself!

In 2008, fired Celebrity Apprentice contestant Star Jones got a divorce from Al Reynolds. As a former attorney, when her own lawyers drafted up their divorce agreement, she made sure that Al wouldn't run out and blab a bunch of hate her way. Star pushed for the agreement to insist that neither party could make "disparaging remarks" about each other's "personal, private or family life . . . including, without limitation, the other's family, companions, dates, acquaintances, or future spouses." If either of them broke this clause, they would owe the other $50,000 in penalties.

Guess who's in the penalty box for opening up her trap on The Wendy Williams Show???

Star must've forgotten her own rules as during her interview, she not only called her marriage to Al a "booty," but she also went after NeNe Leakes, the woman Al is currently dating. Now, that's nothing new - every show she goes on she takes a jab at her Apprentice nemesis - but she must've done too many times for Al's liking and now, he's going to make her pay!

Well, you're the lawyer, Star. We hope you put a loophole in this agreement of yours to assure you're own protection. Otherwise, PAY UP!

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Star Jones Calls NeNe An "Uncaged Animal" On Ellen

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She later clarifies that she was "kidding"…you tell us if you believe her or not?

Ratings continue to be steady for Celebrity Apprentice this season, thanks in large part to the DRAMA between Star Jones and NeNe Leakes. Not too long ago, NeNe was on Ellen to talk about her feud with Star…and today, it's Star's turn to fight back!

Ladies, release the claws! Rawr!

Check out the video (above) to hear Star's opinion on NeNe's behavior.

It all makes for excellent TV, doesn't it?

The Claws Are Coming Out! Next Week, On The Celebrity Apprentice

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Damn! We knew this feud would be coming to a head, and from the looks of it, it is NOT going to be pretty!

Everyone better run for cover, because the wrath of NeNe Leakes cannot be tamed, and as we've all seen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, once she gets going, no one is spared!

Check out a preview clip of next week's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, featuring the aforementioned reality star telling Star Jones what exactly is what (above)!

Me-effing-OW! We think we need some ice for those burns, and they weren't even directed at us!

Good lord, we CANNOT miss this!

What do U think?? Will U be turning in??

Star Jones Lobby's For The American Heart Association

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Star Jones on Capitol Hill

Star Jones posed for photographers in Washington D.C. on Tuesday where she was busy lobbying on behalf of the American Heart Association.

After having open heart surgery herself a little over a year ago, her mission to raise funds to fight cardiovascular disease became personal.

The television personality even brought the causes to the limelight when she raised a record-breaking $170,000 for AHA on Celebrity Apprentice in the first episode!

Dang! Now that's impressive!

On top of experiencing the potentially deadly disease herself, she has done her research, explaining:

"I don't know how many people really do understand the fact that 82 million people in the United States suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease and it's the number one killer of all Americans, it's the number one killer of women, it's the number one killer of African Americans."

So scary! We're glad you're dedicating your time to raise awareness and hopefully save some lives.

Keep up the good work, Star!

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Enjoy The View Of Joy Behar & Star Jones Reuniting After Five Years

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Um, awkward!

Five years ago, Star Jones took her leave from The View after a lot of shiz went down between her and Rosie and Barbra. Eh, but that's all in the past right?…Right?

Well, it was enough in the past that Star felt comfortable enough to stop by Joy Behar's show last night to talk about Celebrity Apprentice, which they did get to, AFTER they talk about her getting fired from The View.

Watch in the video (above) as the ladies rehash what went on between Star and ABC way back when!


LaToya Strongly Dislikes Star Jones Too

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Good lord, is there anyone on that show that DOESN'T hate her?

Star Jones, who is currently starring on The Celebrity Apprentice, has already been in the middle of a nasty, public feud with co-stars Lisa Rinna and NeNe Leakes, and now, LaToya Jackson has also come forward to reveal that she's had a difficult time with the former co-host of The View, as well!

She explains:

"I think everybody has a hard time with Star. I really do. Ok, I don't want to say anything really bad. Ok, she's mean…because I always say, if I had lost that much weight I would have been so happy and pleased with myself. It's something inside that's hurting her to react that way to everyone…just put a smile on your face sometimes!"

Wow! She went pretty light on her, considering what the other ladies on the reality competition had to say!

But still!

We think if THIS many people are coming forward to speak out against your behavior, you need to take a serious look at yourself and wonder what exactly you're doing, and how you're treating people around you, that's making them all so upset!

We hope that she considers this her wake-up call!

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