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Real Housewives Star Says 'The Kardashians Don't Give A F**k About Kanye West'

candiace dillard weighs in on kanye west's speech

Are the Kardashians doing all that they can for Kanye West? Some say NO!

Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard weighed in on the rapper’s controversial campaign rally in South Carolina on Sunday, accusing his Kim Kardashian West and his in-laws of giving “zero f**ks” about him. Wow.

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In a series of Instagram videos, Dillard explained her point of view in bashing Kim, Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and co.:

“The Kardashians don’t give a f**k about Kanye West. They could give zero f**ks about Kanye West, the man, the person, the Black man, the Black person. They could give zero. And if that was never clear to you before, let this circus be the exact example you need to see that.”

Dillard shared that prior to seeing the videos from ‘Ye’s rally yesterday, she had not bought into any hate against the KUWTK stars and tried to see “the good” in them:

“I’ve always tried to see the good. But this incident, this chain of events, I cannot ignore what everyone has been saying, what everyone has always said about all of them. All of those women who conveniently happened to end up with Black men.”

However the fact they stood by while Kanye did this is proof in her eyes that they are NOT ready to show him the tough love he needs.

Speaking directly about Ye’s relationship with Kim, she added:

“Because if my husband was out in the public eye having a manic episode .. having mental breakdowns .. and making a complete mockery of our political system. I would be gearing to enroll him in a conservatorship. Kanye West needs to be committed, temporarily, he is not well. The fact that his family… are allowing him to be out in the world and making a complete ass of himself. I can’t even begin how angry it makes me see these white women allow this sick Black man to be out here looking crazy.”

Conservatorship is a hot topic right now, especially with the #FreeBritney movement gaining steam, but could it be what Kanye needs to help him get on track? We’ve heard that his family and friends are alarmed following the rally, but it’s unclear if they’ll actually put a stop to his campaign.

Watch Candiace’s full video (below):

And she’s not the only one who feels this way! Star Jones took to Twitter on Sunday with a similar sentiment about the family members “who are supposed to love him.” While sharing that she is praying for the father of four, the TV personality wrote:

“Don’t Kanye have any Cousins? Play Aunties? Ladies who went to church with his momma? ANYBODY to go & just hold this brother really tight until this manic period passes so he can get the help he so obviously needs. Ya’ll pray for him & the folk who are supposed to love him.”

Then today, she tweeted out a video from the crowd with additional commentary:

Are Candiace and Star onto something?! Should the KarJenners leave him alone or intervene? Let us know your thoughts on all of this (below) in the comments!

[Image via WENN/Instar.]

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