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Stephanie Pratt Embraces Her Inner Ho!

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Listening to Stephanie Pratt speak is like being stabbed repeatedly with thousands of FUG, meth-faced, tiny little knives.

Listening to Stephanie Pratt speak about being slutty with various men is like pouring kerosine on the previously mentioned knives stabbing you, and then lighting a match.


The gutter troll recently opened up about her dumbass Twitter break-up with Josh Hansen, and revealed:

"I'm seeing two guys right now, and it's actually way more fun than seeing one guy. I've never done something like this before, but it's really quite lovely! It's not really 'single' life, but I'm way too young for relationships. I've decided I want to keeps things very light, and I've realized that guys are children! It trains them to ask for dates a lot earlier in advance. That's the most amazing part is that I've realized they can actually be trained. My perfect man is someone that wants to read a book in Hawaii. I want someone that doesn't want to be in Hollywood. I want someone who has their own deal, and who thinks that what I do is 'weird.' "

Oh, we're sorry, is what you say and do now supposed to be normal??

We're pretty sure that busted, delusional famewhores are not only weird to everyone, but always obnoxious and pathetic!

But thanks for embracing the fact that you're a ho! Makes our job easier, since we don't have to waste time pointing the obvious out!

Bwa ha ha ha!


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Stephanie Pratt Is A Liar!

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We think she actually IS that dumb!

Stephanie Pratt says she was just pretending to be a dumbass on The Hills.

She explains:

“We were at Lo’s boyfriend’s Scott’s house filming this lacrosse scene that I don’t think [airs]. There’s all these normal off-camera friends that are there. They’re sitting right next to us while we’re filming a scene. I’m asking them all these really stupid questions about lacrosse. ‘Is it like football?’ I see this girl looking at this guy to say, ‘Are you listening to this girl?’ I looked over like, ‘I’m just pretending to be dumb. I know all about lacrosse.’ We just started laughing. I think it’s been really fun to play dumb.

“I’m the first one to make a joke and make fun of myself, [like] that Costa Rica episode where I eat a bug. I’m sure there are people across the world who think I’m an idiot, but after two years of it, I just wanted to make it more fun. The last season, I could not get through scenes. We were just laughing hysterically…This season has been so much fun to film.”

Sure, sure!

We're not buying it, Stephanie!

[Image via WENN.]

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Stephanie Pratt Moving To The City???

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We come bearing bad news for Whitney Port.

She is being invaded by The She-Pratt!!!

Sources are alleging that Stephanie Pratt may be moving to NYC once The Hills is officially finished. The move would put her in a prime position to weasel her way into The Hills spin-off, The City.

Geez! Someone get some Raid because this roach just won't leave!

If she does manage to get put on The City, it means some MAJOR drama for Whitney & Co., especially Roxy Olin, who was once besties with Pratt and now has some serious "bad blood" with her.

We can see why that would be appealing for MTV execs, but if they had any pity on the world, they would cut this bitch loose!

[Image via WENN.]

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The She-Pratt Clarifies What's Real And What's Fake On The Hills!

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We pretty much already figured out all of this shiz for ourselves, but sometimes it's good to have clarification!

Stephanie Pratt has once again weasled herself into relevance, this time by speaking out about her 'feud' with Krisitin Cavallari and her relationship with Spencer and Heidi!

The less-crazy Pratt explained that everything going down between her and Kristin is just for the show:

You know, that really wasn’t Kristin. She was told to say it. To tell a story on the show, for someone to take the blame, that’s kind of what we signed up for. We’d be filming a scene and she’d be like, “I’m sorry.” And I’d say, “Whatever, let’s just do this scene and go get coffee.” I was never mad at Kristin. I knew all along what was happening. We really did want to tell that story because it was out in the tabloid press and we’d promised to make this the most real season ever. It’s okay. Worse things have happened.

To the surprise of no one, she also clarified that Spencer and Heidi really are that desperate for press, and none of their crazy is staged - at least, by the producers of The Hills:

Anything that involves my brother and I, or Holly and Heidi Montag’s relationship, is real. I haven’t talked to my brother since late September, nor have I seen him. He’s completely cut me out of his life. But he’s my big brother and I love him. I feel like we have the same dynamic as any brother and sister. We get along, we fight, we don’t talk — it’s just crazier because we’re on TV. So it’s more dramatic. I think this show has given her this role as a victim and she really doesn’t know what other role to play. They are in this together. Everything that one of them is doing, the other one knows about. They are always on the same page. They work together and think together.

We have a hard time believing that either of them do much working, or for that matter, thinking, but we get where she is going with it!

Ugh! It makes us sad to admit that Spencer's so out of control that we prefer the She-Pratt to him!

What a world!

[Image via WENN.]

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Stephanie Pratt Pretends to Wish Heidi And Spencer The Best

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Spencer Pratt's sister Stephanie has spoken out about her brother's break-up with Heidi Montag, saying:

"I hope whether this statement is true or not that they are both happy in whatever life decisions they make."

Ha Ha, yeah right!

The two haven't been on speaking terms ever since Spencer went bat-shit crazy, however, Stephanie isn't too upset, adding:

"They took me out of their life but its okay. Normal brother sister thing, you know."

Um, no! That is NOT a "normal brother sister thing!"

That family needs serious help.

[Image via WENN.]

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Spencer's Family Has Given Up On Him.

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This has all become so sickening.

New sources have come forward to speak out how truly bad it's gotten in the home of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - and also claim that even Spencer's PARENTS want nothing to do with their psychotic son.

The insider says:

"He felt his parents would talk to him only about Stephanie and that they charged him with taking care of her. He thinks she's a loser and doesn't want anything to do with her. They noticed him changing two years ago and stayed by his side. But now it's too much. They even took the pictures of him out of their home."

Can U imagine even your own parents giving up on you?? Awful.

Their neighbors also are claiming that the two never leave their Pacific Palisades home, which is filled with not only useless, hoarded shiz, but also framed covers of their magazine stories!

The source continues:

"No one ever visits. Heidi sits and stares in the mirror, while Spencer plots and schemes on his projects all day. He sits on the Internet, watches TV and tries to get press. That is all he does. It's totally sick."


So unbelievably tragic. Even though Spencer's folks have given up on him, hopefully Heidi's family can do something to get her out of there. We think she might still have a shot!

Help yourself, bb!

[Image via WENN.]

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