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Leo Asks Senators to "Save The Sharks!"

Leonardo DiCaprio

Save the what?

Leonardo DiCaprio, along with fellow advocates Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, and Ke$ha, among others, have teamed up with WildAid, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Humane Society of the United States to bring attention to dwindling shark populations worldwide.

The celebs slew of others have written a letter to the California State Senate supporting Assembly Bill 376, which would ban the sale of shark fins in California.

The letter said:

"The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has concluded that a third of shark species are now threatened with extinction of some kind. And recent estimates state that up to 73 million sharks are killed each year for use in shark fin soup and other products. Traditionally shark fin was affordable only to the elite, and consequently the issue of decimation of species was not a concern. But with the explosion of the world’s
population, and an increasing number of wealthy consumers, this can no longer be considered true, as has been evidenced by the decimation of shark populations worldwide. Despite fisheries attempts at regulation, the
inhumane practice of finning continues unabated too, as does the illegal capture of sharks from marine reserves and sovereign waters.

We urge you to support AB 376 and join us in protecting sharks from extinction."

[Image via WENN.]

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U.S.A.'s Donkey Marine

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Smoke the donkey

No, this isn't some kind of political joke.

He might not look like the most prized pet but this lovable Iraqi donkey won the hearts of so many soldiers, one retired Marine spent months and thousands of dollars organising for 'Smoke' to head to America.

It cost $40,000 and required countless bureaucratic obstacles, but thanks to the hard work of now-retired Marine Col. John Folsom, the brown-eyed donkey is heading to Nebraska.

The donkey became a mascot for a group of Marines in Iraq's Anbar nearly three years ago when he wandered into a former Iraqi air base occupied by American troops.

Marines took care of him until 2009 when they left the area, but they turned Smoke over to a sheik who promised to care for him.

Folsom used to walk Smoke daily and had formed a bond with the animal. It didn't seem right that Smoke was left behind.

Folsom saw the donkey for the first time in years Saturday when he arrived in New York to transport him to his new home in Omaha. By Saturday afternoon they had driven through Baltimore and were on their way to Warrenton, Va., for meet-and-greet with some fans.

[AP Photo/Department of Defense]

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Birds Learn More When They're Stressed

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Birds Learn Better Under Stress

Ignorance is bliss!

Male spotted bowerbirds, were originally thought to mimic the sounds of predatory birds as a defense mechanism, but recent research suggests that are actually learning sounds heard while under stress.

The new study found that although the birds mimicked calls from predatory birds, they accounted for only about 20 percent of their vocalizations. The rest were imitation of the calls of aggressive “bully” species, or less aggressive birds in distress. The bowerbirds mimicked alarm calls, predator calls, and mobbing calls, the cries birds make when ganging up on a predator.

The researchers speculate that when bowerbirds are distressed their learning capacity increases, and therefore pick up vocalizations they hear while under distress, either from attackers, bullies, or freaked out neighbors.

image: Wikipedia

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Robert Redford Says Save The Fish

Filed under: FishProtection

Robert Redford Says "Save The Salmon"


Robert Redford is speaking out against the Pebble Mine, a huge copper and gold deposit poised for development in southwest Alaska, which also hosts the world's last and best wild salmon streams.

Redford posted a blog entry Thursday morning saying he's not against mining but is against "putting mega-mines where they don't belong."

He also is speaking out in a New York Times advertisement paid for by the Natural Resources Defense Council asking mining companies Rio Tinto and Anglo American to leave Bristol Bay alone.

Redford describes Pebble as a disaster-in-the making. But the mining companies maintain they can develop the mine responsibly and without harming fish.

[Image via WENN.]

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Charlie Sheen Bites Back At Angry Twitter Follower Over Dog Death

Charlie Sheen bashes Twitter fan

News of Charlie Sheen's deceased dog isn't just upseting his ex-wife Denise Richards, but his Twitter fans too!

Sheen posted a malicious message on Twitter directed toward his ex, that read:

"We must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH-neese POOR-ARD. A VILE KIDNAPPER AND NOW DOG THIEF. HATE."

Luckily for poor Denise, a Twitter follower under the name Jazypooo is coming to her defense and tweeted at Charlie:

"u let ur dog die from malnutrition ? Hire someone to feed ur animals . All ur money and u can't feed ur dog ???"

The tweet caught the attention of the Sheen himself, prompting the actor stage performer to tweet back:

"Shut your evil mucus-hole you truth terrorist. You LOSE every time a mirror implodes from your barbed and gristle image. YBW c."

Wow! Looks like Jazypooo really got under his skin!

However, his mean spirited response didn't deter his former fan from voicing her opinion and even LAUGH at his "warlock talk", tweeting:

"Oh No!@charliesheen is trying to say something to me! LOL! Who can understand all his warlock talk? LOL Just feed the dogs Charlie!!!"

LOLz! Good advice @Jazypooo! Something so simple that his Warlock brain couldn't handle.

Thankfully the other pug is in the safety of Denise's care now so we know it is being fed!

P.S. Here's a hint Charlie, bashing your own fanbase won't help your cause! You should be apologizing not RANTING!

[Image via WENN.]

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Taraji P. Henson Strips Fur PETA

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Taraji P. Henson strips down fur PETA

Actress Taraji P. Henson, famous for roles in such films as Hustle & Flow, Baby Boy, I Can Do Bad All by Myself, The Karate Kid, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, stripped down for PETA to raise awareness for animals being beaten, tortured and skinned alive for a silly fur coat.

Henson said she had no issue with wearing fur until she saw a documentary that revealed how animals on fur farms are skinned alive.


In an interview she told PETA:

"Before I saw that documentary … I would wear fur, but I saw this documentary, and I was riveted. I cried. … Could you imagine somebody ripping your hair out, while you're still awake, fully conscious? It's ridiculous, for the sake of fashion."

We totally agree, Taraji! We're so happy you took part in this campaign and are raising awareness for defenseless animals!

What do U think of her sexy new PETA ad?

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Schwarzenegger Vs. The Apocalypse

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Since the beginning of the new year…

A series of mass animal deaths has filled us with fear.

Unexplained phenomena has produced theories that the end is near.

We don't know the future, but one thing is clear…

The Governator has stepped out of office and America's favorite action star is here.

Perez Hilton proudly presents an original production!

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger ditch the taxes and start kicking asses in…

Arnie Vs. The Apocalypse!

Check it out (above)!!!!

It's LOLgasmic!

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