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Bethenny Frankel Hits Back At Travis Kelce's Dad For Taylor Swift Defense -- Acts Like SHE'S Taking The High Road?!

Bethenny Frankel Hits Back At Travis Kelce's Dad For Taylor Swift Defense -- Acts Like SHE'S Taking The High Road?!

Oh, Bethenny Frankel

Last week the RHONY alum posted a video on Instagram explaining her theories as to why Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s relationship is totally doomed to fail. Even though, you know, she doesn’t know either of them. She suggested they both enjoy being the “peacock,” AKA the center of attention too much — and will eventually clash because of that. She also shared some insight into her own past relationships where she was in a state of misery despite all the fun.

She def went in deep on someone else’s relationship she has no knowledge of — and Trav’s dad did NOT like that! Ed Kelce called her out and said she was just a “troll” on his Facebook page over the weekend, and now the 53-year-old is hitting back on her Just B podcast.

On Monday’s episode, she explained how she didn’t approve of Papa Kelce’s criticism:

“I do actually understand and admire a parent coming to their child’s defense, particularly when they’re asked about it. I just wish he would’ve expressed an opinion versus just a verbal insult. As we teach our kids, it’s better to express ourselves than just criticize … [I] wasn’t even criticizing their relationship. I was saying, usually there’s only one peacock in a relationship.”

A “verbal insult”?? Kinda like how she called Trav a “peacock” or suggested he and Tay couldn’t handle all the hard work that comes with a relationship like theirs? Those weren’t exactly verbal compliments, Bethenny!

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Oh no, but she wasn’t done there. She doubled down on what she said about the couple, adding:

“I stand by that. I think that’s who Travis is. I did not mention [Travis] pushing his coach, which is a physical expression versus using your words and having a conversation. Which is kind of like what his dad did. He used an insult instead of using his intellect.”

Comparing Ed defending his son’s very happy relationship to when Travis accidentally shoved coach Andy Reid? That’s a bit more than a stretch… Keep in mind, the man only said the word “troll” in reference to the reality star, and it sounds like he definitely struck a nerve.

Bethenny continued:

“[For Travis’] dad to get into is also just funny. [Ed’s response is] just a little absurd… Calling me a troll, which of course is amazing clickbait and yay for Travis Kelce’s dad.”

Sorry, he was going for clickbait?? You brought up his famous son and his famous son’s super famous girlfriend! Come on, girl!

With her final point of justification, the TV personality added:

“Swifties can come for me, but I’m going to defend myself when I have said they’re in my Mount Rushmore of couples. I literally think he’s a peacock and there are two peacocks in this relationship and it usually doesn’t work. I’m allowed to think that. I don’t have to think they’re getting married and spending their lives together. I hope that they do if that’s what they want.”

Well, if she’s allowed to think that and share it publicly, shouldn’t Ed be allowed to also share his thoughts publicly about someone based on what he’s seeing? Hmm. What do U think about this situation, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Ed Kelce/Bethenny Frankel/Instagram/Mike Kirschbaum/Wynn Las Vegas/MEGA/WENN]

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