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Iowa Senate Sides With Animal Abusers


Iowa is trying to pass a bill similar to the one in Utah.

They want to ban animal activists from filming the animal abuse that happens inside of animal farm factories.

Senator Joe Seng, is siding with the abusers because he wants to stop workers who lie on their applications just to be able to get into the facilitates and film the abuse.

He said:

"The bill is mainly aimed at the people that are going in there to take down that business as far as being vegan, or wanting to find animal abuse or produce animal abuse within the chambers of the business."

Good thing there is a good guy in this battle against animal abusers.

Senator Jack Hatch said:

"It's trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist yet in Iowa. They are trying to prevent it from happening.

What happens if it's not in the ag industry, but you want to do it in the nursing home industry, in the hospital industry or the school industry, that's when their argument falls apart."

Lawmakers feel that the law will become law with the support of Governor Terry Branstad.

We really hope the governor gets some sense into him by the end of the week when he's due to sign the law!

Take a cue from Katherine Heigl and save the animals!!

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California's "First Dog"

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California's governor Jerry Brown and his wife Anne lost their black lab last year.

No one expected them to but they have gotten a new doggie!

Sutter, the welsh corgi, has not only worked his way into their hearts, but the internet as well.

He has his own Twitter and Facebook account and is crazy cute.

An awesome combo.

Check him out in the above video.

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ASPCA Calls For Ohio To Ban Exotic Pet Ownership

A real Liger

After the incident where 50 exotic wild animals were released in Ohio, the ASPCA wants the Governor of Ohio to put an immediate ban on the sale and possession of exotic animals.

Ohio is one of only eight states that doesn't regulate the owning of exotic animals.

The ASPCA said:

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Russian Hunters Search For The Real-Life JAWS

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Russian Hunters Search For The Real-Life JAWS

There is real Jaws ofd the coast of Russia!!

A man-eating shark has attacked three victims in the past week, so, naturally, Russian authorities hired professional fishermen to find and destroy it.

Tuesday governor Sergey Darkin announced:

“We are planning to take out a number of fishing boats to catch sharks in the near future,”

According to the governor, they've got local authorities, scientists, emergency response specialists working on this special operation. Sounds like a lot of people. Don't they know all they really need is three men and — if you're lucky — a bigger boat??

Guess the Russian government is trying to avoid any sequels.

[image via Jaws]

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Bear Invites Itself To New Mexico's Governor Mansion

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Was a bear cast in Real Housewives of New Mexico?

Surveillance video near the Governor Susana Martinez mansion caught a bear overturning trash cans over the weekend, looking for food.

The governor thinks the animal was driven out of it's habitat by the states drought - but we think the bear was sent my one of her political rivals. (dramas!)

On Monday, Martinez reminded New Mexicans:

“In order to ensure our own safety and the safety of New Mexico’s wildlife, it is important that we all avoid encouraging animals displaced by the drought conditions and recent fires from visiting our homes and communities… take proactive steps to keep animals away from your home by removing or safeguarding items like pet food, bird feeders, and — as Chuck and I learned this weekend — trash cans.”

See the bear on the surveillance footage above!

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Arnold Keeps The Family Pet

arnold dog

At least he's loyal to his dog!

There's no telling how much Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to lose in his upcoming split - but it seems like he will not part with his pooch.

The cheater / ex-Governor was seen walking back to his car with his gorgeous pup after lunching with friends at Cafe Roma in LA, Saturday.

Arnie looked to be in a great mood for the weekend, spending some time with his dog and friends and taking out the old Hummer for a spin.

[Image via GSI Media.]

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California's First Dog

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The Governor’s office in California is a bit more lively these days with the cute addition of Sutter, the 7-year-old corgi.

The adorable pooch was officially declared as California’s First Dog last month and has quickly become a beloved fixture at the Capitol.

Check out the video above to see a day in the life of this prestigious pup.

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