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Bad Giraffe Goes On Birth Control

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Bad Giraffe Goes On Birth Control

Look at her - she can't help that she's wanted!!!

Vivian, a nubile giraffe in the Peoria Zoo in Illinois, is back on the pill after shunning the contraceptive-laced food that she was served for about a month.

While zookeepers scrambled for a solution to the long-necked, 18-month-old spotted vixen's finicky eating habits, they separated her from Taji, the menagerie's sexed-up male giraffe that had eyes for the spotted specimen since she arrived in November.

Why shouldn't Vivian have and Taji have giraffe babies, you ask?

Are they too young for the responsibility? Will a little giraffe get in the way of Vivian's education or dreams of being a professional dancer? Or is there just not enough grain to feed the zoo's their black tongued mouthes?


Zookeepers don't want Vivian having babies cause she's inbreed.

Sorry girl!

[Image via WENN.]

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Drunken Revenge Leads To Intentional Death Of Cat

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Sad Kitty Death Goes Basically Unpunished

So sad, and so despicable.

A man from Illinois has admitted to slitting the throat of his brother's cat out of drunken revenge. It makes us sick just to hear something like that.

There is no excuse for something like this, yet Sean Mulcahy claims it was because he found out his brother was having an affair with his fiancée.

So horrible:

After cutting the animal's throat, Mulcahy apparently texted his brother a picture of the butchered animal, with a message reading, "this is what you did to me."

And here's what Sean told the judge:

"It was definitely fueled by out-of-control emotions as well as alcohol. I am deeply sorry, sir."

Sorry doesn't cut it to us, but apparently it does to that judge, because Sean is getting NO jail time!

Instead, he's getting 30 months of probation and 150 hours of community service:

As part of his probation, he will be prohibited from owning pets, will not be allowed to drink alcohol, and will undergo continued psychological treatment.

This does not sound like enough to us. At all. We're outraged by the fact that this man with previous arrests and violent tendencies is not getting the 180 days jail time that was sought. The 180 days should be IN ADDITION to what he was given.

Poor Kitty. This just isn't right.

[Image via WENN.]

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Illinois Pet Stores Required To Post Animal's History

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A new state law, which is to go into effect January 1st, will hopefully diminish the number of puppy mills and unlicensed breeding facilities in Illinois.

By the start of 2011, pet stores and animal shelters will be required to post the history of their dogs and cats that will include the name and address of the animal's breeders, a record of their medical conditions, including vet treatments and vaccinations, any hereditary defects, as well as the animal's parents, date of birth, and breed.

The information must be signed by both the customer and the pet shop before the sell or adoption can be finalized.

Some critics, however, are saying that the new law won't really help because it doesn't protect pets and potential pet owners from "Basement Pirates," which are unlicensed people who sell animals illegally out of their basements at highway stops.

"If you pick up the classifieds, you will find 10 of these. Those guys aren’t going to be affected by (the law)," says pet shop owner Greg Gordon.

It's a step in the right direction to help stop puppy mills, however more definitely needs to be done.

Potential pet owners should always do extensive research before adopting.

[Image via WENN.]

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